ICT Bulletin #8

Monday 28th October 2013

This week...

I hope you all enjoyed your half term rest! Information for this week...


Some classes are finishing their self-assessments this week. Other classes can use their ICT time as they wish. You can refer to the Toolbox and Housekeeping objectives on Gateway for a list of required skills for each year group for ideas to work on. I will join you next week.

Next week the new ICT units will start and we will carry on with the same process from Autumn 1. There will be more emphasis on co-teaching this half term and how we can work together to deliver ICT.

Wednesday 30th October

The LTMs will be based at JSD/JSV to plan for the Wednesday Workshops for Autumn 2. The Wednesday Workshops will see the LTMs visit a year group on each JS site to deliver an extra ICT session. All three LTMs will be involved in delivering the sessions and hopefully it will give us a chance to do something extra special while providing more opportunities for class teachers to develop a range of ICT skills. More information on the workshops soon.

Have a great week!


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