The Impact of Digital Literacy

What impact does it have to not be digitally literate?

The Impact of not being digitally literate on Adults and Young People

Digital literacy now plays a massive role in the lives of both adults and young people today. It affects many different aspects of everyday life. What is the effect of not being digitally literate in modern society on adults and young people?

Personal Impacts

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The Social Impact

Social networking has grown massively in current years. Various computer applications are now used to maintain a strong social connections such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat and other forms of on-line social media. This has allowed both young people and adults to stay more in touch with each other regardless of geographical location with ease. If a person is not digitally literate this is a huge barrier to the benefits of both online communication and using mobile communication devices.

Access to Services

More and more services are starting to rely on the digital age. Many services such as banking, utility billing, shopping and various booking systems all offer online services. Also, obtaining various quotes such as car or home insurances are also available online. If a person is not digitally literate then they are unable to access these services which a usually much faster, more convenient and cheaper. Being digitally literate allows someone to access the services and ‘shop around’ for deals online, something which a not digitally literate person would be able to do.

The Impact on Prospects

Digital literacy is now an essential skills to almost all jobs and careers in this modern society. People need to be able to understand the basic functionality of computational devices and complete basic computing tasks from sending and receiving email to operating an EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system. If a person is not digitally literate this prevents them from accessing many jobs on offer, furthering digital literacy skills will in turn further future career development and job prospects.

Global Impacts

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The Impact on International Business

If all people where not digitally literate in Wales this would have a massive impact on international business. Most if not all international business all now implements digital communication methods to conduct business over a vast area across the globe. If Wales was not digitally literate we would not be able to partake in the global business environment which in turn would have a huge detrimental effect on the national economy.

The Impact on Communication

Expanding on the personal impact, not being digitally literate in the 21st century can also have a global impact on communications. If you need to communicate with someone else who is half way across the globe the being digitally literate is essential. With the development of real-time online communication applications such as Skype and FaceTime it is now the standard and preferred method of international communication both peronally and in business.