Everyone Loves Radiation!

By: Jonathan Stewart 8th 4/6/16

What Are Microwaves?

Microwaves are devices the use radio waves to cook foods. They use the radio waves to agitate the water molecules in foods by making them vibrate.

How to use microwaves safely

1. Don't put metal in microwave

2. Use paper towels over food to prevent spills

3. Don't put dense food in microwave because they will take much longer

How to use them safely

1. Foods can create hot containers.

2. Items can explode (eggs, potatoes). Piece them with a fork.

3. Lifting the cover or plastic from the food can cause a burn.

4. Hot steam escaping can cause a burn.

Dos and don'ts for when using a microwave


1. Read directions carefully

2. Keep your microwave clean

3. Look at microwave limits


1. Don't add an extension cord to the microwave oven's own cord

2. Don't deep fat fry foods

3. Don't use plastic wrappings from purchased refrigerated foods in a microwave oven