Grade One

What is happening in March

Technology Night April 3rd

Classroom News

Well, March is finally here and the winter seems to keep on coming. We hope that the weather will turn warmer. When this occurs there will be many wet areas of the yard. I am asking that you send in an extra pair of pants and socks for your child. Sometimes clothes are wet and they are uncomfortable to sit in. Put the clothes in a plastic bag and they can be kept in the child's basket which is on top of the coat rack.

The borrow books exchange day will now be Thursdays. Please make sure your child brings back the borrow book bag every morning as they need the individual ring of words for classroom centres.

I wish you and your child a wonderful and safe March Break.

The following donations would be greatly appreciated.

  • milk or bread bag tags ( we use these in math)
  • tissues as we go through 3 boxes a week (must be the weather)
  • Lego that you do not want to use anymore
  • wooden blocks
  • children's books
  • buttons

March Overview

Classroom Schedule
Monday: Library
Monday and Wednesday: Music
Tuesday and Friday: Gym
Thursdays: Art
Ongoing Activities
Tuesday and Thursdays: Popcorn sales
Wednesdays: Pizza Lunch

Thursdays: Grade One Intramurals

March 7: P.A. Day

March 10-14: March Break

Character Trait for March is


Educating Children About Perseverance: Basketball

Writing feedback

Curriculumn Corner

Learning Target:
1. We are learning how to use different fix up strategies to help us read and understand unfamiliar words.
2. We are learning to retell the important parts of a story we have read.

3. We are learning to ask meaningful questions before, after, and during reading.

Learning Target:

1. We are learning to write the steps on how to do or make something (procedures).

2. We are learning to read our writing and make changes.

3. We are learning how to present our writing.

4. We are learning how to tell what we are good at and what we need to do differently next time.

5. We are learning to identify words in a book that help to create an image in our minds.


Number Sense
Learning Target:
1. We are learning that a whole can be broken into parts.

2. We are learning to solve problems using numbers.


Learning Target:
1. We are learning that objects have observable characteristics and are made from materials.

2. We are learning that materials have specific properties.

3. We are learning that the material and structure of an object determine its purpose.

4. We are learning how humans make choices related to their use of objects and materials that they use have a direct effect on the environment.


Learning Target:

1. We are learning how to keep safe at school.

2. We are learning how to stay safe inside and outside our homes.

Learning Skills
1. I can complete class work and put it on Mrs. Craig's desk.
1. I can choose what is the most important task to finish first.
1. I can show that I am curious and interested in what I am learning.
Independent Work
1. I can follow the teachers' instructions.
1. I can do my share of the work.
1. I can use the success criteria to check my work or task.