Alaskan Oil Rigs - Yes or No?

By Alyson McKenzie, Company Fisherman

The Problems With Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs can be very dangerous and harmful to the environment. Oil spills are uncommon, but when they happen, they can be very expensive to clean up and devastating. The oceans can be polluted, and this can cause death in the population of fish, and can decrease the fish population. I understand that there was an incident at the Gulf of Mexico, and that fish were killed, but if the fish up here in Alaska are protected, this will not happen.

Oil Rigs: Can They Be Good?

The Benefits of Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs can be dangerous, as we all learned from the Deepwater Horizon incident, but they can also be great for the United States economy. If we build this oil rig and drill for oil, we might be able to make more money. If we make this oil rig, more people will have jobs, and there will be a bigger energy source for cars. We will have more power in general if we make this oil rig.


In conclusion, I would say that building this oil rig will help our lives in general. Oil spills are uncommon, but if we did have an oil spill, the marine animals and fish would be taken care of and we would protect them. All in all, creating an oil rig here in Alaska is a good idea.

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