Winter Band Concert and More

December 3rd Celebrate the Music! Instruction* Data*Mindset

Wednesday, December 3rd at 6:00pm in the Cary Auditorium

Come and celebrate with our Cary band!!!

Doors open at 6pm. This will be a great chance to celebrate our students, and listen to their art, and well each group plays together. Ms. Akin and Dr. Draper have done an amazing job.

Wednesday, December 3rd at 3:45pm

English Language Learning Training by DISD Faculty Meeting

Our faculty meeting will be the first part of mandatory training for Cary, which is an ESL training called SIOP. This training will give you strategies to use with English Language Learners in all subject areas. There should be no practice today, as this is a mandatory training.

Thursday, December 4th PLCs /Lunchtime Students Go To Auditorium First

Data review bring your packet and your total for each period. We will create bar graphs for our data room on how well your students did in each section, as an overall average on the common assessment. (I have the chart paper.)

***Students go to Auditorium for a brief presentation on behavior expectations/reminders before lunch. Take all students to auditorium before lunch. Drop them off, and we will take them to lunch. (10 minute talk)

Friday, December 5th Movie Night

It is movie night!!! Are you coming out for the movie?
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