Poetry Unit

By Ryan T. Griswold


"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens"- Jimi Hendrix


Knowledge And Wisdom

by Wallace Dean Labenne

Knowledge tells us what to say.
Wisdom tells us when.
Kindness shows a tactful way to touch the hearts of men.
Wisdom tells us who to love.
Knowledge tells us how.
Playact neither hawk nor dove to win the solemn vow.
Knowledge tells us where to go.
Wisdom tells us why.
Pull the strings of Cupid's bow to find pie-in-the-sky.
Wisdom tells us who we are.
Knowledge tells us where.
Mystics catch our falling star to make us self-aware.
Knowledge tells us when to give.
Wisdom tells us what.
Virtues reveal how to live to get out of the rut.
Wisdom tells us what to do.
Knowledge tells us how.
Talent carves a skillful hew to shape the here and now.

Knowledge And Wisdom

Song lyrics

"Why don't you listen to what I have to say tonight
I want to tell you about the things I have seen in the
The knowledge and wisdom that I have gained in my life
All the secrets I've been keeping can't be learnt so

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