The Hunting Ground

By: Martin Magana


The Documentary is successful because of its use of Ethos, Pathos and Logos throughout the film using interviews, and statistics about the schools and the way they treat the situation which is sexual assault's in school campus.
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Hunting Ground is a documentary of 2 victims named Annie and Andrea that make an impact on sexual assault in colleges and university, bringing in students from different schools to talk about their situation and how to resolve it. Many of the guys that assaulted were not getting expelled or anything ,being a big problem to the women. throughout the film they manage to do something so the schools can do something.


Some examples used as ethos were interviews from the victims, Deans and another interview but this one being a person who did the sexual assault to the women. Being a dean means they know a lot of information which makes many people want to listen to them. Interviews are also a thing that makes the documentary very successful. Interviews are also very interesting, many people want to hear what other people who were victims have to say. The interview with the Person who assaulted was also another thing very interesting, many people would like to also hear what they have to say.


The documentary also uses Pathos which is another reason why the documentary was successful. Through the use of pathos some specific events from the film is an interview of a women who speaks of J. Winston. other examples are the reactions from the women. Throughout the documentary, many of the victims since it was hard to speak of them being sexually assaulted many of them were emotionally. There was also an interview about a girl who was sexually assaulted by who is know a pro football player making it hard and emotional because of the way they did her, not doing anything to her case. Many of these interviews were hard but this one stood out more then the rest because she killed herself. These are the reasons the documentary is very successful because of events like that making a big impact to the audience.


throughout the documentary they put many statistics about sexual assaults, like for example 88% of the women that are sexual assaulted do not report it to campus. In 2012 45% of colleges reported zero things to the police. 8% of sexual assault claims found false, 92% of them are true. These statistics are very helpful to the documentary because it give more information and Is also better cause it isn't an opinion, its a fact. With using these statistics it helps the documentary be successful in making it a good documentary.
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In conclusion the documentary does do a successful job on using the elements ethos, establishing that you are worth listening to, pathos, getting to the audience emotions and logos, using statistics, to make an impact to the audience.