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Mon 7/28 - Sun 8/10

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Give Yourself a Promotion!

What's the best thing about a promotion with Stella & Dot? You can give it to yourself! Being your own boss, you can create any business you want, and earn lots of money, confidence and personal growth in the process! This year's HOOPLA was all about growing your business and growing your team by sharing our gorgeous products and amazing opportunity more than ever before!

I know there is a lot of information, training and questions when it comes to promoting. That's what I'm here for...to break it down and coach you to greatness. But the rest comes from YOU. So, determine where you'd like to be, and choose the paths that will help you get there. I'm teaming up with Kelly Cox, Reagan Montgomery and Lindsy Wiltshire to bring you focused, week-by-week training to get you to Star by the end of the year! My overall goal is to get you where YOU want to be financially and personally.

You may have heard that our compensation plan will look different beginning September 1st, but for now, here are the qualifications you need to promote all the way to Star. The changes aren't going to be too drastic, but come September, the coaching commissions will extend further down your team, and you will be eligible for New Stylist Coaching Commissions and Sister Brand Referral Commissions.

Lead Stylist (Earn 4% first line PCV)

(1) active Stylist (selling $1+)

Personally qualify with $500+

Associate Stylist (Earn 6% first line PCV)

(1) qualified Stylist (selling $500)

Personally sell $1,200 retail

Cumulatively sell $3,000 retail

Senior Stylist (Earn 6% first line PCV)

(2) qualified Stylists (selling $500 each)

Personally sell $1,500 retail

Cumulatively sell $6,000 retail

Star Stylist (Earn 12% first line PCV)

(4) qualified Stylists (selling $500 each)

Personally sell $2,308 retail

Cumulatively sell $12,308 retail


Choose your goal. Whether you're shooting for Lead or Star, the bottom line is booking and sponsoring. The more you book, the more volume you sell (adding to your group retail,) and the more exposure you have to potential hostesses and Stylists. A good rule of thumb is one trunk show per week. If you can't commit to four (4) shows a month, you may be more comfortable at the Stylist or Lead Stylist level. Those shooting for Star should try to have at least six (6) shows per month. Consistently reaching out, talking about our company and opportunity, inviting women to MSD events, striking up conversations at coffee shops, sending look books in the mail, asking and booking at your current trunk shows will = a full calendar and a promotion!


Everyone: Open your calendar, circle 30 dates you are available and begin booking to fill at least 15. From August - December, that looks like about three (3) shows a month. Those going for Senior or Star should aim for 15 shows in the next three months OR 5-6 shows a month (25-30 cumulative) through the end of the year. Trust me, these practices are essential in not just promoting once, but maintaining your career and pay rank each month. Plus, you will be training your team to duplicate your actions.

Those going for Lead and Associate: Plan to take part in a recorded weekly call series, do the homework and check-in with me each week for accountability. I will offer three times for check-ins and you can choose what works best for you. You must commit to listening to the call, and discussing your biggest takeway and action items with me each week.

Those going for Senior and Star: Plan to do the above call series AND be a part of a Monday night "Star in 90 Days" live call with Kelly and myself throughout August. You will also be matched with a Pacing Partner and we will have weekly partner accountability and goal setting calls. You must commit to listen to the recorded call (above) and take part in the live calls throughout August, pacing throughout the week with your partner, and checking in with me at our designated time each week.


Always remember these "Five P's:" Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. The BEST thing you can do for your business is set a weekly goal, focus on High Value Activities and track your actions. If you find yourself with some time, but aren't using it productively, look inside yourself and find out how you can better manage your time or organize your system. Don't seem to have enough shows on the calendar? Check your tracking and see how many you're reaching out to. Relying on Facebook and email? Challenge yourself to only use the phone for a week and see what success you have. I'm here to help you with ALL of this, and we will get you to greatness TOGETHER!

Earn Glam Getaway!

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In the midst of all your booking, selling and sharing, you are going to racking up MAJOR points toward the Glam Getaway incentive trip to the Dominican Republic (plus a bunch of goodies along the way!) Use this Glam Tracker to keep tally of your points (including trunk shows and new Stylists.) Post it where you'll see it often and get the whole family involved!

What's your goal? Earn the Glam Quickstart (2,500 points) by the end of August to earn the accessories tote!

Going for STAR in 90 Days? Set a higher bar and shoot for more! How about going for Level 1 (10,000 points) by the end of August? Have five (5) shows in August which will get you to Stellar Seller ($5,000 in sales). Assume you are going to hit Glam Quickstart by then end of July (2,500 points), and you have booked your five (5 or more) August shows = 7,500 points. Where can the other 2,500 come from? Getting new stylists launched strong. If you sign on and launch two (2) new stylists that have a $1,000 show each that 2,000 bonus points (plus 500 points each for their sales), so that 3,000 will get you there.

Getting close to Senior Stylist? Push hard and get there in August and you will get 1,000 promotion bonus. Promote a first line stylist to Senior and that's another 1,000. Glam is all about strategy. Set a big goal and GO FOR IT!

Loving the Lounge & Stylist Community

With every new collection, there are transitions. In the past few weeks, there have been questions about out of stock samples, items that don't appear in the Look Book but aren't on the Retired List, report inconsistencies, etc. Our Home Office has created a Stylist Community - one stop shopping for all your questions and answers. Log on, search it, love it and trust that our company is always improving things for us all!

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Our New Foundation

Every Mother Counts

We had the pleasure of listening to Christy Turlington Burns speak about her foundation, Every Mother Counts. Every day, thousands of women in third world countries die due to preventable childbirth complications, because they don't have access to the transportation and facilities they need. Often, the newborn dies as well, and other children are left orphaned. We can help in a BIG way. 100% of the sales of our $39 Enlighten Bracelet will go toward helping women and men with transportation, education and supplies to ensure mothers are getting the help they need to safely bring their newborns into this world. How many will YOU sell?

Top 10 in Sales to Date

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1. Julie Smith $2,492.93

2. Annie Brinker $1,567.40
3. Lori Fetterman $1,095.10
4. Katie Pyo $1,039.30
5. Allison Kraut $965.30
6. Amber Lipple $739.06
7. Danielle Eagan $522.40
8. Quynh Nguyen $421.45
9. Annalisa Milano $234.35
10. Sara Capistrant $200.98



Home Office Training Calls

30-minute calls almost every day of the week, including a webinar for Prospective Stylists every Thursday! Choose which ones work for you and hop on!
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Local Stylist Meet-Ups and Trainings

Get to a Mid-Summer Rally/Hoopla Re-cap this week! See the entire new line and hear all about the amazing happenings from our annual conference!

Not in the DC/MD/VA area? Click HERE to find events local to you through the Lounge!

Arlington, VA
Monday, July 28th
Mylo's Grill
6:30pm Meet Stella & Dot and Style Event
Register Here

Lynchburg, VA
Monday, July 28th
Farmington Pool Pavilion
7:00 Meet Stella & Dot followed by Fall Collection Launch
Register Here


Join me for an observation show

Tuesday 8/12 - Brambleton, VA
Thursday 8/14 - Brambleton, VA
Sunday 8/24 - Brambleton, VA
Saturday 9/6 - Chantilly, VA
Thursday 9/11 - Stone Ridge, VA
Sunday 9/14 - Broadlands, VA
Thursday 9/18 - Brambleton, VA
Thursday 11/13 - Brambleton, VA

I'm here for you! Contact me anytime!

Annie Brinker, Star Stylist