A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

Why should you watch A Christmas Carol

You should go see a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens because the actors are really good and the play is full of entertainment. First of all you should see this play because the actors are really good and you can tell they practiced for a while. The ghosts were probably the best part. Some came through a trap door, flew down, and even rode down from a zip line. Second of all, the play is full of entertainment and there is a lot of action. There was tons of dancing since it was during the holidays. They had scenes where everyone is running around, like in the beginning when Scrooge comes out. Lastly, the sound effects were amazing. The ghost came out and it was startling because It had loud thunder noises and lights would go crazy. The go come out in the fog. Overall this was a great play, with great actors, great affects, and I really suggest that you go see it.

A time when Scrooge had to sacrifice was when he became nice because he was always known as a rude grumpy old man. A time I had to sacrifice was when I went to a friends house instead of doing my homework because I normally always get my work done.