The Selection Procedure

Qualities and Requirements to Enter a Public Service

Career Planning for the Public Services (Roman Gabor)

The entry requirements for the Police and Fire Service

One of the entry requirements for police is to pass a fitness test, this is because as a police officer you need to be fit to be able to walk for long distances e.g patrolling the street or chase a criminal and sometimes the police officers are dealing with aggressive or drunk people which cause troubles like fighting with the police officers, the fitness test is there to make sure that you will be fit enough for the role of police.

There is a test for the fire service , the fitness test for fire service is required because the firefighters will be careening heavy equipment for long period of time or they will move stuff like heavy woods in a burning building they also need to be able to carry casualties out of vehicles and buildings and also running out lanes of house, they need to be physically fit to work long working hours.

You will also be required to have a full UK driving license this is because the police officers spend a lot of time driving and patrolling the city and also responding to an emergency calls as quickly and safely possible they also use vehicles to transport criminals to police stations.

One of the requirements for the fire service is to have a full UK driving license this is important because the fire service attend emergency calls with the fire engines this is important because they transporting the firefighters and all the equipment to the emergency location however the driving licence need to be for large goods vehicles (LGV).

The minimum age for applying for the police service is 18 years and there is no maximum age but the retirement age is 60 years.

For the fire service the minimum age is also 18 however you can apply when you are 17 years and 10 months, and the retirement age is 60 years.

There is no formal qualification for the police service however there is a written test to do and you need to be able to complete it, and they also require some knowledge and experience in the police service.

The fire service requires a level 2 qualification in English language and maths GCSE grade C and above, and knowledge in fire safety and experience in the fire service.

One of the police service requirements is to be medically fit this is to ensure that you will be suitable for the job and be able to undertake the duty of a police officer, you need to fit to be able to work long hours in every conditions e.g someone who is a diabetic person won't be able to work that many hours like a healthy person, you will also do a drug test this is to make sure that you haven't used drugs or if you addicted to drug,
you also need good eyesight e.g when you reporting the number plate from a longer distance to the control room.

The fire service requires you to be medically fit this is because firefighters work in any weather conditions and also they need to fit because firefighters work with different stuff like -. smoke, gas, hazard substances, so the firefighters can't be allergic to any of these, they also need to have a good eyesight to watch out for any danger.

For police and fire service there's no requirements for height sex or ethnic group.

Police and fire service requirements to join the services You must be a British citizen or an EC/EEA national or a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national with no restrictions on your stay in the United Kingdom

Police service Application and Selection Process.

Application Process
There are a few ways in which you can apply to become a police officer. You can either visit the official police recruitment site, you can contact your local force to request a form or you can download one online.

· Sections that don’t apply to you should be marked as N/A
· Keep the form in a safe place until you are ready to fill it out. Keep it neat and clean.
· Photocopy the application form and use the copies to make draft entries.
· Use a Microsoft Word type program to write out your answers to the competency questions. This will help you to identify spelling mistakes.
· Do not cross out your mistakes.
· Be honest
· Don’t leave any blank sections
· Don’t write out of boxes provide

You will also need to write a letter of application in this letter you should say what experience you have and why you want this job and why would you be a good for the role of a police officer, you should also include what skills and qualities you have, and any voluntary work you did for the community

Personal statement this help them to get to know you a little more so you should say what you like to do in your free time and what you enjoy doing e.g. reading book or playing football and your interests, if you write this at a high standard this could help you in applying but make sure that you honest because they will ask you questions you could also add what made you to choose a police career.

Curriculum Vitae this is about yourself again you will need to add your experience relating to the work, your past occupation could help as well and you will also have to add your qualification but make sure you are honest because you will have to prove these qualifications.

Selection process

Equal Opportunity in the police service there has everyone equal chance to get in the force so there people from all walks of life a mixed of everything everyone is welcomed such as
Different genders
Different faiths
Different ethnicity
People with disabilities
No height requirements
Someone who is gay

Physical tests you will be tested if you fit enough to undertake a police officer's role
you will be required to do a bleep test to pass this test you have to reach up to level 5.4 in 15 meters.
you will also have to do a push and pull test in order to pass this test you will have to do 5 reps of 35 kg-pull and 5 reps of 34 kg-push you have 3 attempts to do this test.

Skills test this will show the skills you got, you may work in team and create a presentation in a certain time this will show that you are organized and that you meet deadlines, you also could do a written activity to show your independent work or you and your team will solve problems out to show your solving problem skill, you may be also required to do some English and maths.

Psychometric tests are set to measure individuals' mental capabilities and behavioral style. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude.

Preparation for interview this part is the most important because you need to make a good impression so prepare for it dress smartly and stay calm and ask questions, this is where you prove your qualification they will also ask you questions like why you want to join the police and why would you be good for the job, feel confident and make an eye contact all the time.

Fire Service Application and Selection Process

Application Process
The application forms are only available when the fire and rescue service run recruit campaign so you need to keep on track and know when they recruiting order to get application form you need to apply online for the form,

Use black ink only
Read carefully before filling in
Section not applied to you mark as N/A
There no time limit so take your time
Don't cross out
Keep it neat and easy to read
Capital letters

Personal Statment this is for the employer to get to know you a little more this is to show your hobbies and interest you could include what you did in the past like voluntary work or something useful for the community e.g. charity event, this will improve your chance of getting the job and also you should include why you interested in the fire service.

Curriculum vitae you have to state your qualification and everything you did in the past, your college, job, work experience or voluntary work, you will also need to include email address, phone number, house address this this should be eye catchy and interesting and keep it real because you will have to prove everything in your interview this could help you because the employer will identify what experience and skills you have, you should also include what qualities you have e.g. organized or punctual.

Selection Process Fire Service is committed to providing equality opportunity for both current and potential employees and equality of service to the community. To achieve this, the Service will create an environment in which there is respect for every individual and recognition of their needs and aspirations, regardless of their sex, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, religion , political beliefs, trade union activity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, age or any other

physical fitness you will do heart beat per minute to pass this you should be average
beats per minute
100 – Unfit
75 – Average
50 – Very Fit
you will also do a bleep test in 20 meters and to pass this you need to reach up level 9.6 you will also do pull and push test this is 5 reps of 42 kg on pull test and 5 reps of 40 kg push test you may also do 1 minute sit up and press up test.

Skills test in this task you will be given different type of activities to assess your skills and qualities and your attitude words the work you will also do a written test and may be presentation and a problem solving task you will also do a group task to see how good are your team working skill but you will also do something independently.

Preparation for an interview for your interview day make sure you arrive 20 minutes earlier this shows that you are organized you need to be confident you also need to bring your qualification make sure are smartly dressed make an eye contact ask questions and be prepared to answer some question these questions could be
Give me an example of when you have worked as part of a team.
Give me an example of when you have helped someone who needed assistance.
Describe a time when you have helped support diversity.

Different Skills and Qualities
3 skills
· Communications skills is important in the police services because they are dealing with people in the public and helping the public, communication skills is important because police officers are responding to the radio and also sharing information with the control room which needs to be loud and clear, police officers will have loads of meetings e.g. court they will need communication skill in order to provide valid information and explain the incident to the judge which means good communication is needed and writing skills is also important because police officer will be making written records of every situation. When the police is chasing a car the police officers will need to do a commentary to the control room this is so that other backups can arrive and help.
· Teamwork is important in the police service to handle work quicker and safer the police officers e.g. if there is a group of people fighting one police officer would not be able to handle them all but as a team they will be safe and will handle the situation, police officer will share information and ideas which could help in investigation.
· Self-awareness is important in the police because you always need to know what's happening around you, a police officer has to able to identify a danger that could happen e.g. a suspect having a gun or someone attacking you from back, this is important because you can be aware of people's feelings then you will know how to talk to them
3 Qualities
· Behavior all staff in police service has to be a good role models and should lead examples so people respect them e.g. if police officer is messing about with his partner it sets bad example for the public, police officers should be dealing with people with respect which will show that police officers are there to help and people will respect them, a police officer should never show his anger or deal with people in aggressive manner this will make the situation worse.
· Being organized police officers need to be organized which means having all the equipment all the time and have them checked so it fully function and do everything properly e.g. writing witness statements correctly, also being on time, meeting, meeting deadlines this will set a good example for the public by showing that police officers are organized , if a police officer is first at a motorbike collision scene he will need to give him first aid and treat him properly he should have his equipment all the time e.g. first aid kit, they also need to be punctual to their work and meetings or if they attending an emergency call.
· Physically fit a police officer should be fit to be able to do street patrolling or chase a criminal police officer also has to be fit to be able to arrest criminal some people can be drunk and aggressive and they will fight so the officer has to be able to take a control of them, and also they need to be fit to be able to work long working hours and in any weather conditions.