End Of Year

JBHS Library Materials and Tech Information You Need to Know

Important Dates

ALL Student Books Due: 05/13/2016

ALL Teacher Materials Due: 06/03/2016

Prepare your computer for the summer

Save all documents to your personal 'F' drive as items saved to the desktop will be lost.

Personal ‘F’ drives need to be cleaned up; transfer mp3, mp4, and jpeg files to an external drive. Servers are at risk of crashing when these drives are not cleaned up.

Clean up your Outlook account and remove old, unwanted, and unnecessary email as exchange servers with 2.5 Terabytes of active email slow everyone’s email down.

Student ‘S’ drives will be wiped clean and all contents removed during the summer. If you need something from this drive, save to your F drive or external drive.

Change your password before you leave for the summer!

Some passwords may be set to expire during summer break. To avoid issues with accessing your computer when you return in August, change your password now!

When logged into the MCSD network with your desktop icon page showing:

1. CTRL-ALT-DEL to change password

2. Choose CHANGE Password

3. Answer the following prompts:

Old Password

New Password

Confirm Password

Your password will now be changed!

Powered on or power down?

Be sure to Power Down the following equipment for the summer:

Projectors, Promethean Panels, & TVs

Audio Enhancement

Document cameras


Computer monitors

Be sure to Log Off all computers and keep the following devices Powered On for the summer:

Classroom printers

MFPs (copier, scanner, printer)

Teacher and student desktop PCs


Laptop Cart Users Only

All laptops/carts must be returned to the Library Media Center for annual maintenance and upgrades. Please return the carts by Friday, June 3.

ClassLink is Coming!!

When you return from summer break, ClassLink will be your new homepage. ClassLink solves the problem of tracking too many passwords, too many links and too many shortcuts. It’s a one click single sign-on solution that gives students and staff access to everything they need to get to with just one password. Check it out now for a preview of what's coming. It's accessible from any device.

Go to : http://launchpad.classlink.com/martinschools