Spring Update 2015

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Our Media Center is Transforming into a Learning Commons

Richland School District

Open Access Scheduling Implementation Plan


Pine Grove Elementary School

Overall Goal:

To ensure our media center transforms into a place that follows the learning commons approach. It will allow our teachers and students have a center where they can extend their classroom. Open access will allow services and programs to be offered for students and teachers at the time of need.

We are Go Noodling in the PGES Learning Commons

Go Noodling During Our Faculty Meeting

PGES Open Access Plan for the Media Center

We have transitioned into open access. The only classes that are fixed are DD, Pre-K, kindergarten and first. Great things are happening!! Co teaching, book clubs, video conferences, bonding, special pullouts, Blowfish reading program, Donor projects, RIF, AR celebrations, Farm to School grants, New ELA and Math standard think tanks. A whole new world!!!

How Many Students Can You Fit In the PGES Learning Common?

We did a musical video conference with JP Thomas a Elementary a School and Hopkins Elementary School. All three music teachers shared parts from their Black History Programs. The PGES Learning Commons was full of the sounds of music.
PGES 2nd Grade Music Video Conference with JPTES and HES

Co Teaching at PGES

Coteaching with Mrs. Enlow and Mrs. Walls' Second grade Class.

Focus Question: How does careful listening improve your understanding of information read aloud?

Direct Instruction:

Model for the students your own thinking as you read the poem. Using the “Think aloud” strategy, demonstrate and explain to students why you select the phrase, or word and tell them why you think it’s important. Then record it on the chart. This emphasizes the most important parts of the text. Tell them that as the poem is being read aloud, they should listen carefully and when they hear a word or phrase they think is important or interesting, they are to write it down. Pause periodically or after each stanza to allow students to record their thinking. Teacher will write down words/phrases on large sheet of paper to post in the classroom.

Phonics: Digraphs oo and ou animated lesson.

Vocabulary: young, normal, rescued, examines, mammal, hunger

The teacher will follow Month 7, Lesson 2 in the Empowering Writers Book: Describe Your Favorite Place in Town.

Student will read textbooks on their level independently.

Lesson Resources & Materials: Copy of Poem-- “Harriet Tubman” by Eloise Greenfield (appendix), Copy of Poem – Barack Obama by Dina Anastasio (, Making Changes- Poems about Great African Americans (, Chart paper, Markers, Clipboards, Paper

Homework: Phonics worksheet, Read for 35 minutes.

Co Teaching Poetry Listening Skills with Walls Second Grade