Landon S., Caleb M., Levi R.

Properties of Magnets

  1. Attracts iron and other magnets

  2. Attracts opposite poles, repels alike poles

  3. Points north when suspended freely

Magnetic Poles and Magnetic Forces

Each magnet has a north and south pole. The magnetic force is the strongest at the poles. If a north pole is by another north pole of a magnet they repel each other. If a south pole is by another south pole they repel each other. Also if a south pole is by a north pole then they attract. Finally if a north pole is by a south pole they attract.

Magnetic Field

Magnetic fields are the area of which the magnetic force is exerted. Magnetic field lines run from the north pole of a magnet to the south pole. They are invisible. The distance between magnetic field lines is determined by the strength of the magnetic force.
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This shows the magnetic field lines of a magnet.

Photo taken and drawn by Landon Stafsholt

Magnetic Domains

Magnetic domains are the atoms inside of a magnet or a piece of iron. When they are all facing the same direction the material becomes magnetic. When a magnet is swept across a piece of magnetic material in the same direction about 50 times the object becomes magnetic and the domains point in the same direction.


Magnetite was discovered by the Greeks about 2,000 years ago in the city of Magnesia (located in present day Turkey). Magnetite is a rock that has magnetic capabilities! It attracts iron and other magnetic materials. Farmers would get their hoes stuck to it because of its magnetism.