You've Got Oils!

Let's Get Sharing

It was so wonderful to talk with you. I'm so glad that you're enjoying the oils and are comfortable managing your membership and LRP. When I first got started, this video really helped me learn how to integrate Essential Oils into my everyday life.

If you have not already checked out dōTERRA University, I highly recommend it to learn how to use the oils in your life for maximized health and wellness, understand how to earn and redeem LRP credits/points, and know how to share the oils and be compensated by dōTERRA for doing so. Since the company does not spend marketing budgets on commercials and other high-priced ads, they have chosen to utilize us, Wellness Advocates, to share the product via word of mouth within our circles. I personally believe it's brilliant, because the best form of marketing I've ever seen IS via word of mouth from people I trust.

Sharing with dōTERRA

Because you told me that you are interested in casually sharing within your circles, I'm thrilled to equip you with dōTERRA's best tools in order to do so. In addition to dōTERRA University, you will want to familiarize yourself with your own personal website. To access this, go to your virtual office/"back office" (where you change your orders) and click My Online Store near the top right. There you can change the name of your website and add a photo as well as a personal bio/blurb. When you have done this, please let me know what your website is called so that I can have it on record for future reference in case I refer anyone to you to enroll. This is referred to as your "front office" or "personal website/personal retail website." That is where you would send people as well, if they would like to order retail from you, or enroll with their own wholesale membership. It's important to get familiar with this process so that when someone you share the oils with loves them, you can clearly communicate how they can join and save, too. In fact, that is the name of the tab to click when someone enrolls - Join & Save. This takes them through the enrollment process, and you always want to encourage people to choose a wholesale membership - there are no minimums to order (just one product per year to stay current), and there is no obligation to "sell" anything. This choice will help your friends and family save the most money.

If someone were to fill out the form like you did, or if you were at a computer with them, you would go to your back office under the Wellness Advocate Services and click Register a New Wellness Advocate. That will take you through pretty much the same process.

I also want to direct you to the Share Program, in which you will earn points for the people you enroll - extra points beyond your commission, fast-start, and LRP. Beginning 120 days from your enrollment date, you will be able to redeem all of those points for a free package of products. You can earn an entire hair care line, LifeLong Vitality pack, Tangerine Oil and much more. It is a great way to get free stuff, just by doing what you already do -sharing the oils with your friends! To opt into this or check on your points so far, click on the Share Program Banner at the top of the dashboard tab in your back office.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'm here for your support. In addition, please feel free to pass along my information to your friends and family as you share in case they have questions. I'll always refer them back to your website in order to have them enroll with you when they are ready.

This is a great website with many helpful links to help you get started sharing and even earning with doTERRA. It is very possible within the first few months of sharing to earn enough to have your oils paid for. I know that is a goal of many, in the beginning, when they enroll with dōTERRA.

Down the line, should you become interested in earning a supplemental income or even replacing and multiplying your income with doTERRA, here is an overview of our compensation plan, which I personally love. Also, this is a very helpful video as you get started with your doTERRA business.

Well, that is a lot of information. This might be a good email to keep on file and reference back to in the future.

I look forward to talking with you soon. Thank you again for choosing dōTERRA.

Many blessings to you. Thanks again!


Kristin Stenmark

An Essential Drop

Essential Oil Educator

Wellness Advocate 1462682