In Just One Day

Missouri Libraries Snapshot Day 2015

A day in the Library is more than just checking books in and out!

In just one day we might be: pulling resources for a teacher's lesson, planning lessons for library class, training volunteers, assessing students' skills based on previous lessons, troubleshooting technology, managing Reading Counts, mending books... the list goes on! With great certainty we can say we are never, ever bored!

Five classes had lessons today

Kingergarten used an ABC book to identify animals using beginning letter sounds and a book with rhyming words. We heard two Show Me Reader nominees in 1st and 2nd grade so we could compare and contrast them next week. Third graders worked with partners to practice using the Library catalog and 5th graders researched owls or their prey online based on the owl pellet dissection we did at 5th grade camp.

Reading was everywhere!

Not one of our busy days of the week, but things were hopping!

Today by the numbers

  • Items checked out = 315
  • Items returned = 280
  • Students served = 231
  • Served by a volunteer = 3 hours
  • Class visits for checkout = 7
  • Classes with lessons = 5
  • Books mended = 13