STD's. Do you have one?

All about Syphilis and the affects it can have on you.

The stages of Syphilis

Stage 1:In this stage there will be a chancre on the penis or vagina. It is an open sore that might go away but the virus is still there. Women might not know because it is inside of them.

Stage 2: Symptoms start 3-6 weeks after the first stage. There will be a rash on the skin (in the picture) and feet and you will get flu like symptoms. IF NOT TREATED BY THIS STAGE SYPHILIS CAN KILL YOU!

Stage 3: Only detected in the blood. Is working hard to kill you.

Sage 4: Happens years after stage 2. Cn cause heart decease, blindness or death.

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To cure Syphilis you need to get a shot of PENICILLIN.


- every year 70,000 people are diagnosed with syphilis in the United States.

- 32 deaths per year in United States.

The best way to avoid it is Abstinence!

If you think you have syphilis than go to a doctor or testing lab right away.

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