CR West Wk 2

To Know God and Make Him Known

Did you Know?

You are part of a flourishing community that now has 100,000 students enrolled worldwide! Just today I was talking to my friend Amy who lives in Fairhope, AL. By visiting the CC website while on the phone with her I was able to inform her that there are two CC communities in her town and several in neighboring towns. If you click on 'Community' on the website you can enter a zip code to refer CC to friends and family members. I am so grateful to have found a home in CC, and it encourages me to know that so many families across America and the world are on this journey with me!

Timeline Motions

Last week I emailed the link to the timeline motions. Please do not forward this link to anyone. If you would like the timeline song emailed to you in mp3 format and separated by week please let me know. I will need to confirm that you own a copy of the CDs or App in order to send these out to you. Special thanks goes to Jenna Clinefelter for preparing them for us.

CC At Home

Here is the link to sign up for my CC At Home on Thursday. :-)

Worthy Website

Focus on the Family wrapped up a two part series today titled "Finding the Balance Between Youth Sports and Family". They have a free app that you can use to listen to their broadcast, or you can listen online at your computer. Both the app and their website also store shows in their recent history so you can chose from other topics. Each show runs about 25 minutes. Good stuff here!

Next Week

Family Presentation = Cancel Family

Lunch duty = Lyn & Colleen C.

Suggested Speech Topic = Show and Tell about a Biome (younger kiddos) OR Talk about a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore (older kiddos) Skill Focus is Poise.