Day of Wedding Coordinator


Wedding Planner Emergency Kit

Aside from ensuring your day goes according to your schedule and plans and taking the stress off of your shoulders, one of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner or day-of coordinator for your big day is their “emergency kit.” A good wedding planner will have a complete emergency kit equipped with the supplies to handle anything. Some of the common items in an emergency kit might include:

• Extra candles (tea lights, tapers)

• Matches and lighters to light all the candles

• Umbrellas for Vancouver’s rainy or sunny days

• Needle and thread for dropped hems and lost buttons

• Safety pins for quick fixes and broken bustles

• Bobby pins for fly-aways

• Lint brush for those dark suits

• Tissues for crying eyes and wiping spills

• Wet wipes for sticky hands and spills

• Band aids and other first aid supplies for blisters and small cuts

• Hair spray and hair gel to keep your ‘do’ in place

• Glue gun

• Hand mirror to check yourself out before you head down the aisle

• Visine for those red crying eyes

• Tools such as hammer and pliers – because you can’t be too prepared

• Cotton swabs and cotton balls for fixing makeup

• Oil absorbing papers for shiny foreheads

• Hand sanitizer for all the congratulation handshakes and hugs

• Breath mints, mouth wash or gum to stay minty fresh all day

• Dental floss or toothpicks for your smiling photos

• Medicine such as pain killers and antacids

• Scotch tape, duct tape, double-sided tape for quick fixes

• Spray on deodorant to keep fresh

• Feminine hygiene products

• Bug spray to keep the bugs at bay

• Sunscreen for summer weddings

• Stain removers

• Nail polisher remover and nail file

• Clear nail polish for nylon runs

• Scissors

• Pens

• Paper towels for wet bouquets

And of course they will have your wedding timeline and cell phone with them at all times.

Make sure one of your trusted bridesmaids has the following for you:

• The lipstick you are wearing for touch ups

• Matte face powder

• Tissues because you can never have enough of these

• Your speech

When you are hiring your wedding planner or day-of coordinator ask them about their emergency kit – ask them what they use the most, what was the most random thing they’ve had to use to make sure they show up equipped to take on any wedding challenge. For a Vancouver wedding planner that has an equipped emergency kit check out Confetti Co. Weddings.