Louis Riel

A Canadian Hero?

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Louis Riel is a Métis Canadian born in Red River Settlement in Manitoba near modern day Winnipeg in 1844. He was the leader of the Métis in the Northwest in their resistance against the Canadian government.
He had conducted 2 rebellions.First the Red River Rebellion in 1869-1870, where he stopped the Canadian land survey and seized Upper Fort Gary, and negotiated the Manitoba act with the Canadian government regarding Métis Language and rights. During the rebellion Riel executed a Canadian named Thomas Scott, fearing of being caught, Louis Riel exiled into the United States.
While being a fugitive, Riel was elected 3 times to the Canadian House of Commons, but he never got to take his seat.
Riel returned to Saskatchewan to represent Métis grievances to the Canadian government, and conflict caused military confrontation known as the North-West Rebellion in 1885, which resulted in Riel surrendering to the Canadian forces, then found guilty of treason, sentenced to death and executed on Sep 18 1885.

Who was involved that made Louis Riel a leader?

Louis Riel emerged as the leader of the Métis National Committee, because he believes that he is divinely chosen to lead his people, and he is very high educated, he went to school in Quebec. The people that made him a leader should be his teachers that gave him his knowledge and the Métis in Red River that elected him as the leader.

What actions did Louis Riel take to show leadership?

He was the speaker for his peoples voice because he negotiated the Manitoba Act with the Canadian government, and he gave two long speeches at his trial to affirm the rights of the Métis people.He showed strong leadership power by executing Thomas Scott to show the government that they are serious and they mean business.

Leadership traits of Nelson Mandela's that Louis Riel has

1. courage is not the absence of fear.
Louis Riel is definitely courageous to fight against the Canadian military that greatly out numbered and out powered his troops. Even after he was captured and trialed, when his lawyers argued that their client is insane, Riel pronounced himself as totally sane knowing that he will be hanged.
2. Appearances matter.
On the Trial of Louis Riel, he made two long speeches defending his own actions and affirming the rights of the Métis people. His lawyers tried to defend him arguing that he is insane, but Riel insisted that he is not insane, " I cannot fulfill my mission as long as I am looked upon as an insane being." He also said: "Life, without the dignity of an intelligent being, is not worth having." Riel impressed the jury as being respectful, entertaining and perfectly sane.
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3.quitting is leading too.
After Thomas Scott was executed, the Canadian government sent a military expedition to Red River, although the government described it as a errand of peace, Louis Riel knew they were to get him, so he fled to the United States. Louis Riel knows when to back off when it means to do greater good, if he was caught and killed, there will no longer be a person to lead the Métis, and a lot of his people will die in the effort of protecting him.