Larissa for president!

You must be the change you want to see!!!

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An introduction to remember!

You might wonder why a young girl like me would apply to be the next president. I have to say I suprise myself by even writing this. However, recent situations have quenched my thirst for change. Surprisingly, I seem to be the only one who wants to give the people of America what they want. So vote for me, vote for CHANGE!!!

New laws

My favorite past president; Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was an American lawyer, Founding father, and principal author of the Declaration of independence (1776). He was elected the second Vice president of the United States (1797–1801) and the third President (1801–1809). He was of English ancestry, and was born and educated in Virginia, where he graduated from the College of William & Mary, practised law, and married Martha Wayles Skelton. It was later also to be revealed that Thomas (after the death of his wife) had a long term relationship with his slave Sally Hemmings, who he freed.

Thomas Jefferson was against slavery and although he owned slaves himself he treated them with passion and dignity. I recently watched The President's Mistress, which follows the story of Thomas Jefferson and his love for Sally Hemmings. Through that film I've come to admire Jefferson greatly. Although Thomas Jefferson did not succeed in abolishing slavery while he still had air in his lungs, he managed to free some slaves and died, in my eyes, as one of the greatest American presidents to walk on this earth.

My Vice President; Sanne Maas

Sanne Maas is someone I've known indirectly since I was very young. When we realised we were the only two girls from our primary school going to Mencia we decided to keep in touch. It even turned out that we got into the same class. Since then, we have been best friends. We stand up for each other and our different personalities compliment each other. Sanne is someone I trust and her ideas and loyalties are unquestionable. I'm sure she'd make a great vice President for me, and I hope that you, the people of America, would agree.

My plans for America

Firstly and most importantly I plan on making America a better place.I would like to improve people's lifestyles and their attitude towards each other. I believe there's room for improvement, especially in America. I want to expand America's international contacts, arranging it so that in times of need, America won't have to stand alone. I hope that all forms of racism will recede to a minimum. I can't stand discrimination of any kind. I hope that with me as your president, you'll find you can live peacefully together in different ways. I hope that you will learn to have respect for yourselves,for each other, and for this beautiful planet that we all share. I hope that my policies will help people see that by improving yourself and your own life and lifestyle that this will have a positive effect on the community in which you live and in turn the wider world.