Maya Angelou

Angelou life story

Maya Angelou

Angelou was born in St. Louis ; she was born on April 4th 1928.

high school

Angelou was given a scholarship to study dance and drama but she did not aspect the scholarship.after given a scholarship she drooped out of school to become San Francisco's first African-American female cable conductor.Angelou went back to school to finish high school later she finish high school giving birth to her son.

Maya Angelou wrote many books and poems that inspired people and even her self to keep believing in what you love to do.

One of her sayings is "if you don't like something change it ,if you can't change it change , change your attitude." -maya angelou

maya Angelou moved around the world trying to keep up with her carere.she moved from one place to another.maya Angelou was the first African-American to preform a screenplay.she also received a award presidendtional medal of freedom.and she won many more medals
Maya Angelou loved her life and her education.she believed it did not matter what happend or if any one said.she just keep on beliving.