The Okefeenoke Swamp

Elize Tailey


At the bottom of a gigantic swamp, lies a big fat alligator that can snap at any minute. I bet you are wondering where that alligator is, the bottom of the Okefeenoke Swamp of course. The big swamp was founded by franklin D. Roosevelt, the swamp runs along the borders of Georgia and Florida, and starts in Waycross, Georgia.

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The Habbittat

To being with, the Okefeenoke Swamp is a home to many plants and animals. The most common animal is the alligator, and the most common plant is the lily pad. You should be very cautious while visiting the Okefeenoke Swamp. An alligator could be under your car, the boat you’re touring around in, also right in the water. You have to be very brave to visit the mysterious swamp. That could not and will not ever be me unless I was getting something out of it like money about $50.00.

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Forming The Swamp

The Okefeenoke Swamp was developed by the accumulation of peat in shallow basin. It took over 6,500 years to continue that process of erosion. You might be thinking WOW that long, WOW indeed my friend. If I was erosion you would never see me in action or learn about me because I would be too impatient to wait that long.

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My Opion On The Whole Thing

I would love to visit the Okefeenoke Swamp once I get over my fear of alligators (never). So maybe one day I might go peek probably when I’m about 16 and think I’m no longer afraid of alligators because I’m older and more mature, but possibly I still might be scared. Maybe I’ll reconsider even going there that’s just me my friends and family might laugh at me for getting scared and call me squawking noises I want care.

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I would recommend you to go there if you don’t have a phobia of alligators, if you are scared of getting in the pool don’t go to the Okefeenoke swamp. But if you’re a brave soul knock yourself out, and have ball.

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