Neha Neha

Goal Setting

To prepare myself for York University so I can become a bank manager.

Specific- Prepare myself so I can get into a grade 11 in the next 6 month.

Measurable- I will have to get an 80% or higher average in my courses.

Attainable- Get extra help to ESL teacher and friends and get a tutor class after school in order teacher to learn English fluently.

Relevant- This is important to set now since I will need three years to prepare myself and learn English fluently.

Timely- Learn English day by day, get help for courses and continuing to seek help in Counting on You, Conversation club, etc. as well, I hope to get a summer job.

To complete my 40 hours of volunteering

Specific – Complete my 40 hours by the end of grade 11 as a teacher’s assistant in the primary grades.

Measurable – I will have the teachers at the schools fill in a time card of my hours completed.

Attainable - I will speak to the teachers I know from Robert J. Lee (Mrs. Coco) and Mountainash Middle School (Mrs. Sharma) to see if I can help in the classroom afterschool.

Relevant - This goal must be achieved in order to graduate.

Timely - I would like to start in the Spring of this year (2016) so I can walk over after school. I would also continue in the Fall in order to complete all the hours required.

Future job resume

Neha Neha

96 Cedarbrook Rood

Brampton, ON, L6R 0W



To obtain a challenging position in a financial institution that will allow me to use my skills in customer service, sales and management experience to help grow the company.


Demonstrated excellent organization and Leadership skills at all my part time jobs.

Demonstrated social and relationship building skills, such as being able to deal with difficult people andextreme situations.

Fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, and English.

Strong computer, written and oral communication skills.


York University Business Club Treasurer

2019 present

-Kept very detailed notes and books regarding the teams finances.

-Conducted weekly meetings and created agenda for each meeting.

Customer Service Phone Volunteer Bell Mobility - Toronto


-twice a month

-helped with assisting customers with their phone concerns in Punjabi and in Hindi.

–assist customers with online data senices.

Babysitter Family members and neighbors


-Plan and prepare means for childre.

–Responsible for taking children to and from school.


York university (BBA – Bachelor of Buisness Administration)


Louise Arbour Secondry School (OSSD)


Sandalwood heights secondry school



York university Dance club


York university Hindi club


Dance Club Government Girls Sr.School (India)


Brampton Multicultural Community Centre


Part-time jobs

TD Canada Trust 443 Spadina Road, Toronto, Ontario

Customer service Representative

2018- present

-Answer customer telephone calls regarding existing accounts.
-Make requested policy and account changes.
-Respond to questions and concerns about service, and escalate calls appropriately.
-Consult with customers to evaluate needs and determine best options.
-Counsel customers on options for service and coverage.
-Upgrade service and offer additional service packages or options.
-Consistently improve customer satisfaction through expert resolution of conflicts, issues, and concerns.

McDonalds restaurant (Mountainash Location Brampton, Ontario)

-In charge of managing and traning new enployees.

–providing quality customer service to a range of customers.

–handling of payment and food.

– maintaining organisation and cleanline of all work stations.

– working in a fast paced team environment.


Story writing and listening to music


Available upon request.

Challenges &Solutions

Every job has benefits and challenges. As a manager of a bank the biggest challenges can be increasing sales and customer service. Smoothing over issues as a bank manager is very important. If people are not satisfied they will change their bank and take their business somewhere else. Another obstacle for me is to learn English fluently so I can communicate perfectly with clients. For me, I can also communicate in Hindi and Punjabi and I think that would help me with those clients in particular. Increasing sales is very important to a bank. I know in order to do this I would have to work more hours and sometimes on weekends. This would be hard sometimes if I had a family. If I was having stress at the job, I would see if there are things that can help me such as asking co-workers for help or seeing if there are programs at work. The benefits of my job is that I would help people and businesses. Mortgages, loans etc. are a part of life and I would help people get a mortgage for their house and help with their dreams. The pay is also very good as a bank manager. The more business you bring to the bank, the more money and bonuses you get. Sometimes, banks help you take more courses and they may even pay for them. There is a lot of opportunities at a bank for your career. Although being a bank manager may have challenges, I am willing to learn and work hard because there are many benefits too.