Local News Update

Native Amazonian's

What The Native Amazonian's Want.

The Native Amazonian's who live in the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil believe that the land if theirs. The Natives have been there for 12,000 years. The use the land to hunt, fish, and grow crops , of course the dont use much of the land for growing crops. The land that they use grows back after they are done, so the are not hurting the land. Some people don't appreciate the land like the Natives do. Like the Loggers, The have been cutting down tree's that belong to the forest animals. They also belong to the natives, they need them for things to! The Environmentalists they are bugging the Natives by not giving them space.

About the Government.

Why Would the Government Make big changes?

Why would the Brazilian government make such big changes to the Amazon? Like in the 1960's there wasn't a place for a small group of people who didn't have money to pay to stay there to they were forced to go to another place, witch was the Amazon Rain forest, these people were the settlers. The Natives think that the Settlers, the Loggers, and other groups should not be on there land, and find another place to cut down tree's.