Extrasolar Panets

Planets out of the solar system

Extrasoler Planets

Earth is the planet us humans are living in currently and is located in the solar system revolving around our star, the sun. Extrasoler Planets also known as exoplanets, are planets that are not located in the solar system. A total of 889 planets have currently been identified. The Kepler mission has identified 262 habitable planets besides earth.

Interesting facts

Milky way

Astronomers state that the Milky Way Galaxy may contain as many as 400 billion planets with each star hosting at least 1 planet!!!!

First Exoplanet

The first exoplanet was discovered in 1992. The search for exoplanets had been actively investigated since the late 70's but no one was looking around dead stars. At 1992 the first exoplanet was discorvered around an ordinary main sequence star.
Imagining Extrasolar Planets

Extrasolar planet standards

Exoplanets have standards on how the planet is going to be named and identified. The name of an exoplanet is formed by taking the name of its parent star (which is in the solar system our sun) and adding a lowercase letter. The first planet discorvered in a system is given the designation b and later planets are give subsequent letters. If several planets in the same system are discovered at the same time, the closest on to the star gets the next letter, followed by the other planets in order of orbital size. If the parent star is a single star, then it may still be regarded as having an A designation, even though A is not normally written. The first exoplanet to be orbiting a star could then be regarded as a secondary sub component that should be give Ab. These are some of the ways to classify exoplanets.