Long Weekend Rombergian Round Up!


This Week...

There are two serving platters that were left during the Holiday Party and Business Town. One is a teal blue ceramic casserole dish with black serving spoon and the other is a silver tray. If these are yours please email us so we can remind your child to take it home. Thank you!

Ancient Civilizations: Continue fielding A.E. Lap book questions. Lap book project directions and tasks can be found on mrsfeinberg.weebly.com

English Language Arts: Begin The Golden Goblet (historical fiction based in ancient Egypt), Joy Journey Presentations, Verbs continue with L. 14-16 (stressing subject-verb agreement)

Science: Volcano WebQuest continues to blend fact, inference, and prediction with persuasion.

Math: L. 1-40 test on Tuesday, L. 41-43

Worldy Wise/Spelling: Romans - Lesson 10, Feinbergians- Lesson 9.

School Wide International Day- Action Needed

Students need to bring the following items to school by Thursday, Jan. 21:

1. Copy of a birthday photo of student, item or illustration that represents birthday celebrations in your family. (Note: these items will not be returned)

2. an index card that explains special birthday traditions unique to family or culture

After International Day, committee will be put these pictures together to create a Birthday Traditions Book-keepsake for our event and school's anniversary.