Howl at The Trail

Weekly Update December 7, 2015

Weekly Reminders


Panthers Victory #12 -The Cardiac Cats showed back up and I was worried we might actually have to dress professionally on Monday. Thankfully, my 12 game day rituals paid off so everyone can have a free jeans day on Monday.

8:30-12:30 Student Council Angel Tree Shopping

5:00 - Girls Basketball vs Clover (Home)
5:00 - Boys Basketball @ Clover (Away)


Beta Club will meet during Power Period

3:35 PM –Leadership Team Meeting room B-104

6:00 PM - School Board Meeting


9:00--6:00 Holiday Fair iin the Media Center
8th Grade Choral Concert
7th Grade Choral Concert
6th Grade Choral Concert
9:00 AM - Principals' Meeting @ DO


Mike will be in Columbia @ Principal Induction Program
1:45 ish - 6th grade Dr. Trash Litter Prevention Presentation in the Gym (Marc will send a schedule)

5:00 PM
- Boys Basketball vs. Oakridge (Home)
5:00 PM - Girls basketball @ Oakridge


Mike will be in Columbia @ Principal Induction Program
7th & 8th Grade Honors Theater Field Trip

Probable Daily Schedule Changes

December 21 - Tentative Dodge Ball Tournament

December 22 ½ Day Remember new Dismissal time 11:45 AM

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December 11 - Emily Poeppelman

Faculty Focus

Thanks to the the most awesome group of people for adjusting your late stay day so we could fulfill our requirement of learning about York County's Emergency procedures.

6th Grade teachers thanks for stepping up on Friday with having half of your teachers out.

The BTMS Safety Team is made up of Robin, Officer Hill, Herbert, Wendy, April, Adam, and Marc. Thanks for making time to meet on Friday. If anyone sees any safety concerns for students, teachers or staff, please let one of the individuals know so we can get it corrected.

Congrats to Emily and Melanie for being the December Teachers of the Month.

Nuts and Bolts

STUDENT ATTENDANCE- Please make sure you take attendance in Powerschool and submit it before homeroom is over. As a school we need to know from the time school starts who is in our building. We will also be looking at what we can do to account for students each period. Any ideas are welcome.

Student Supervision
We have notice a new trend with students in the morning. Students are reporting to their grade level hallway and then leaving the hallway to - go get breakfast - yet they never arrive at the cafeteria. They instead have started hanging out in the main hallway between the front office and the related arts hallway. Starting Monday - please have one of your hallway monitors positioned near the end of the hallway by the main corridor and do not allow students to leave your grade level hallway without an legitimate reason.

Lost and Found
Now we have installed hooks on hallways, please remind students to look for their missing items. We will clean out the school of all lost and found on Dec. 18.

12 Days of Twitter - We have 9 teachers who have been participating in the FMSD Technology Departments challenge. I am still learning how to use Twitter, so I appreciate everyone who is trying this 12 day challenge. I believe we may have the 2nd or 3rd most teachers participating in the district. EXCELLENT!

Something to Think About

Here is a link for this weeks video. Take a few minutes to watch this video. The question I have for you will be, who will be great because of you?

Timberwolves demonstrtate:

  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Ambition
  • Integrity
  • Leadership