What Has Happened Lately?

Who's that?

Today I interview Puzu. Puzu is 31 years old and his job is to be a farmer. Puzu special skill is that he can make the best irrigation systems in town. When Puzu has free time he likes to read. An interesting fact about Puzu is that he have lot of vegetable gardens in his backyard. That's all for today, hope you have a wonderful day!
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New Invention Check It Out!

Have you ever wanted to move stuff without struggling? Well I (Veronica Campos) have invented the wheeled cart. The wheeled cart helps you move things. How does it work you may ask, well its easy! You put things you're going to move in the wheeled cart and now you can move things easily.
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Framing Tips and Tricks

Here we have farmer Ahuratum and today we will be talking about tricks he found useful to plant plants. Ahuratum found useful to make canals to get plenty of water. He also found useful to build irrigation systems to keep his farm from flooding. Ahuratum also has vegetable gardens in his backyard just in case his farm does flood. Well that's all for today, hope you have a wonderful day!
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