Camp News

November 14, 2015


We are almost done with our Science unit, and will be moving onto Social Studies in December. We will have a VEX class competition. I will try to get video footage uploaded to our Parent Haiku page. What a neat time to be a child and teacher. I've definitely had to learn how to problem solve with our STEM lab project!


  1. Types of angles (focused on acute, obtuse, right)
  2. How to use a protractor (Yes, they need more practice on this then you'd think.)
  3. Tessellations by Mrs. Gerke and Mr. Krupp
  4. Multi-step story problems


Main Text: The Ch'i-lin Purse

Genre: Folk tales

Comprehension Skills: Compare and Contrast and Story Structure

Paired Text: Phan Ku

Genre: Myth

Writing: Adverb sentence pattern and paraphrasing

Spelling for November 20th

  1. example
  2. level
  3. slogan
  4. quarrel
  5. scramble
  6. evil
  7. oxygen
  8. wooden
  9. double
  10. travel
  11. cancel
  12. chuckle
  13. fossil
  14. toboggan
  15. veteran
  16. chisel
  17. suburban
  18. single
  19. sudden
  20. beagle
  21. obstacle
  22. kindergarten
  23. abdomen
  24. pummel
  25. enlighten

Vocab for November 20th

  • bandana
  • bracelet
  • hogan
  • jostled
  • mesa
  • Navajo
  • turquoise

Greek and Latin Roots for December 1st

  • describe (v)
  • inscription (n)
  • manuscript (n)
  • postscript (n)
  • prescription (n)
  • scribble (n)
  • scribe (n)
  • script (n)
  • subscription (n)
  • transcribe (v)
  • Reminders

    • Conferences are November 23rd and 24th. Please email or call me if you need to set up a time. If you will be out of town, I'd still love to meet with you at another time to discuss your son/daughter's progress in 5th grade.
    • School Store every Tuesday
    • Save the Date for our Fifth Grade Concert on Tuesday, March 22nd
    • Please return the Pre-Conferenc Survey (Yes, I do read them).
    • Report Cards go home Friday, the 20th