The Olympic Times

By: Natalie K. & Peyton M.

The Tragic Story Of Persephone...

How It All Began...


One day a young girl named Persphone, was happily picking flowers. Her mother Demeter was in the garden but far away from her. Before Persephone could say anything, she was captured by Hades and taken away deep in the underworld, leaving her mother, Demeter crying like crazy. Her mother was upset and decided not to let anything in nature or her agriculture grow. Soon all of the people on earth were begining to starve, without the supply of food. Zues could see the people starving, and dying. He began to worry and contacted Demeter. She demanded that she wanted her daughter back. Zues agreed, and Demeter restored the crops. Demeter was allowed to enter the Underworld, to search for her daughter. She searched for days, until she came upon her. She told Persephone we could leave. Persephone said she could not. Demeter was bewildered. She wondered why her daughter could not leave. Persephone explained how she had gotten married to Hades, and had eaten the pomegranate seeds. Persephone, Hades, and Demeter all finally came to a conclusion and decided she could live with her mother for two-thirds of the year and the rest of the year she would stay with Hades. While Persephone was with her mother, all nature was living happily, which now marks the summer and spring time. While she is living with Hades, it makes up winter and part of fall. Thats how are seasons came to be.

Reporter, nat_pey_yay with Persephone and Demeter on this weird winter occasion!

nat_pey_yay- So we are here today being joined by the Goddess Persephone and on the rare occasion during winter, she gets to see her mother, DEMETER!

Persephone-Thanks for having me today! I’m glad I’m out of that torture chamber with Hades. I’m so excited to see my mom!

nat_pey_yay- Ahh I see. I guess Hades isn’t the best person to live with?

Persephone- Yea you’ve got that right! He’s very rude. Taking me from my garden. I was just picking flowers!

nat_pey_yay- Oh that must have been terrible. Tell us what exactly happened.

Persephone- Well, I was wandering around in my mother’s garden. I was out of her sight, picking flowers. I had my back turned and I felt someone grab me. Hades was taking me away. I tried to escape but he was too strong. Soon I was with him in his chariot, and we were galloping down a hole to the underworld.

nat_pey_yay- Why would he take you out of all the goddesses in the world?

Persephone- I guess he thought I was pretty. He knows my mom is the all-powerful Demeter, and My father is Zues... He could have been in more trouble if I hadn’t wanted to stay.

nat_pey_yay- Why would you want to stay in that horrible place?

Persephone- Well I was in his garden, because it seemed to remind me more of at home. I was hungry so I ate a pomegranate, little did I know if I ate the seeds I would have to stay in the underworld,*Dramatic pause* no matter what.

nat_pey_yay- Oh wow. What is it like living in the underworld?

Persephone- First thing that comes to mind are the words, “Dark, horrible, flowerless, torture chamber!” The underworld has no joy or happiness! No rhyme or reason either. Trust me you don’t want to be stuck in my shoes.

nat_pey_yay- Thats horrible! Now lets come to the fun part! Demeter!

Demeter- Thanks for having me! I’m so glad I get to see my daughter!

nat_pey_yay- No problem! But, Demeter what does it feel like living without Persephone?

Demeter- I’ve got to tell you it’s very hard, because I see flowers all the time, and they remind me of you, Persephone! But my life without you is also fun at times because of all my friends helping me get threw it.

nat_pey_yay- I’m glad your able to muscle through the pain of not being able to see your daughter. I was wondering if you like Hades? I almost positive I know what your gonna say... but I’m a curious girl.

Demeter- I don’t like Hades one bit because he married my daughter through a scam! I wanted my daughter to live a nice happily ever after... but I guess not! My daughter herself probably thinks the same thing! Seriously, you don’t want to meet this guy, because if your an atractive young girl, he will target you the same way he targeted Persephone! Just, a little advice!

nat_pey_yay- Well, I shouldn’t keep you too long, because you should enjoy your strange winter occasion together! Thanks, and good luck for the future!

Persephone- Well thanks for having me! I’m happy that I got to see my mother!

Demeter-Yes! Thank you for inviting me also! We are so glad that we get to see each other! Thanks again!

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