Simple Lesson: Snapchat

Emily Hubbard


This simple exit activity will involve the use of Snapchat - - and can be used in a math class. The suggested grade levels are grades 4 through 9. For this activity, it is preferable that each student have their own device. If this isn’t possible, they can partner up, taking turns using the available devices. Snapchat should already be downloaded onto the devices.

Step 1

At the end of a math lesson, students will choose a specific math problem or equation that they can confidently solve. The teacher will provide a worksheet or link to a worksheet that contains possible problems relating to the day’s lesson.

Step 2

The students will then create a story in Snapchat; a story consists of a series of pictures with words overlaying them. The students will solve the problems in clear steps on paper, and then take pictures of the steps with the device. These pictures are then uploaded to Snapchat and words are added for further explanation. The finished product should show the steps for completing the math problem and should include clear instructions.

Step 3

The student will send the Snapchat to each of his or her classmates for them to view at home or during the next class.

Why Do This?

This activity is an excellent way for students to share their knowledge among themselves. They will also gain confidence in solving math problems and will think more critically about the detailed steps they require.