Let's Smash Some Apps!

Products to show off student research

Research Can be Accomplished in Grades as Young as Pre-K

  • The SOLE method just described is wonderful to use with all ages.
  • We will detail another way to accomplish research using Pebble Go, graphic organizers, and a variety of technology tools.
  • This research method can be used with students as young as Pre-K.

Showcasing Pre-K and Kinder Research Without All the Fuss

  • Bulk of research completed at home (students take home a library book related to topic).
  • Student and parent create a poster to showcase their work.
  • Teacher and Library Media Specialist (LMS) collaborate during student presentation.
  • Create QR code to presentation using Vocaroo (can be used on Chromebook).
  • Attach QR code to poster, display in hall, invite visitors to take a Gallery Walk to view student work.

Bite the Bullet With Elementary Research!

  • It CAN be done!
  • Requires a TON of patience, but the end product WILL be worth it!
  • Lesson One: Teach students how to navigate to Pebble Go (via Mackin Via and/or Symbaloo).
  • Students "play" on Pebble Go to familiarize themselves with this database.
  • Lesson Two: Begin to record research on K-4 graphic organizers.
  • Lesson Three: Begin to create final product using Chatterpix, YakIt, or Tellagami.

What is app smashing?

App smashing is the process of using multiple apps to create a creative, inspirational project to showcase student learning.

  • Once students have created their product (using their app of choice), it is time for students to show what they have learned.
  • All student products can be displayed collectively on one platform. This can be shared with parents, administrators, and colleagues.
  • Then sit back, relax, and watch everyone ooh and aah over these impressive displays of student learning!

This is a great opportunity for collaboration among teacher and Library Media Specialist (LMS). Use your LMS and library resources and make your life easier!

How To Collect And Display Student Products On One Platform:

  • Upload all products to your YouTube channel (privacy setting at "unlisted").
  • Create Padlet to showcase classwork in one place.
  • Use Padlet extension to easily upload videos from YouTube into Padlet.
  • Share Padlet with parents or any audience (this can be shared on your website or any social media).
  • Padlet example with Chatterpix (Kinder).
  • Padlet example with Tellagami (First Grade).
  • Padlet example with Chatterpix (Fourth Grade)


Liz Fambrough & Brandye Roland

Liz Fambrough

Lanier Middle School



Brandye Roland

Ney Elementary