Cardinal Post

TCE Student Publication November 2021

Student VOICE and Student CHOICE

The Cardinal Post school newsletter is written by our Thorpe Creek students. Please remember that we are young authors, young journalists. We are mimicking real world journalism and writing with short deadlines and prioritizing breaking news. In this special publication we are telling the story of our learning from home during our extended school closures. We hope you enjoy our articles and notice how our writing, photography, and observations grow and mature throughout this school year!

Thank you for reading!

the TCE 3rd and 4th grade Newsletter Club


Mark Your Calendar

Wednesday Dec.1 - 14 - Holiday Light Recycling

Monday Dec. 20 - Jan. 3 - Winter Break


Year Book Cover

Hello Thorpe Creek artists! It’s time for the TCE yearbook cover contest. Please visit your art canvas page for all the details. This year we have the honor of being named a blue ribbon school. Could you think of ways to add a blue ribbon theme to your entry? That's something to consider but you don’t have to include that into your cover, it’s a suggestion. Entries are due December 3rd. Please turn your entry in to Ms. Meyer. Have your name clearly written on the back of your entry along with your teacher's name! Looking forward to seeing all your entries!


Spell Bowl

HUGE Congratulations to all of the fourth graders who participated in the Spell Bowl Competition on Monday, November 15th in the TCE Gym. All students did a GREAT job and we are so proud of them!

Competitive Team

1. Vaibhav Thunga

2. Michael Macabulos

3. Aavani Bhaskaran

4. Sonakshi Tadi

5. Thanishka Yenti

6. Matthew Macabulos

7. D’Nylah Hinkle

8. Zorin Zalpuri

Alternate Team

1. Ali Schwarz

2. Michael Ndika

3. Libby Lougheed

4. Gabriel Ndika

5. Geetha Amrutha Arlagadda

6. Alexandra Allen

7. Reis Bradley

8. Maddie Smalligan


What are you reading?

Books rock! Unsure what book to read next, here are some favorite book recommendations from a few of our TCE Cardinals!


Our Learning Story


A Look at our Day

By: Delaney

We start are day by doing our daily work. This is a review of all we are learning in class. Announcements come on about 7:45am and then we do community circle. Community circle is a time where we read a daily message, work on an academic skill and then share with each other. During the day we do math, writing and reading workshop as well as science or social studies. First, we go to math workshop. We do a lesson together, work through a quadrant of skills and then work on fluency, number work and problem solving. We even have math games to plat! Next we go to are related arts. When we get back we eat snack and listen to a read aloud. Then it's time for writing right now we’re working on non-fiction writing. For reading, we read read read. We have a mini-lesson and small groups and read books. After all that it's time for lunch! The food is good. After lunch we go to RECESS! After recess we have reading for a little bit longer then we clean up and go home.



By: Sabrinah Kayemba

In class we are working on a plant project. All the third-grade classes are working on this. We are making a 3-D model plant. We became biologists and discovered a new plant. We had to be sure our plants had all the parts of a plant, the stem, the branches, the roots, and the flowers. We also had to explain what our plants needed to survive and where they lived. The 3-D plant project was really fun and that’s my science project.


Thankful Thursdays

By. Myla Diemer

A new thing we have started is called thankful Thursday! How it works is there are buckets with teachers names on them. There are little slips you can write a teachers name on and what you are thankful for. The awesome staff at the front desk draw a slip from each bucket each Thursday and those lucky teachers who are drawn get a prize! Have a wonderful day!

From the PTO - It’s the most THANKFUL month of the year and PTO wants to make sure our thoughtful staff feels extra appreciated all month long (and beyond!!). So mark your calendars for THANKFUL THURSDAYS (starting this month)!

Want to help kick off this event?! Here are a three options to get involved...

1. Go to the THANKFUL THURSDAYS Staff Appreciation Wish List ( and choose a gift to surprise a staff member. Items on this Wish List range in price from $5-$40 and we need surprises of all varieties! Plus, if you run a local business or have something you think would work well for our gift stash - feel free to drop it off at school. We are so grateful for your generosity!

2. Have your child write an “I’m thankful for you because ____________” note to at least one teacher and staff member, bring it to school, and turn it into the red THANKFUL THURSDAY collection containers. If you want to make it easy with a creative, pre-made note, check the Parents of Thorpe Creek Elementary Facebook Page for a link to one you can quickly print at home (

3. Get your child excited for THURSDAYS and talk about all the reasons he/she is thankful for our staff! Beginning next week on THURSDAY, we will draw a handful of staff names from the collection containers for a chance to choose a gift that’s arrived from the Wish List!

Thank you for your participation in celebrating how very thankful we are for our TCE staff!!!


Ninja Class

By: Vivan

All about Ninja class. In ninja class we do rolls ,flips ,obstacle courses , handstands , and high jumps. We do tricks like climbing walls without ropes and do handstands without support. I love it because we jump on trampoline and flips. My best friend is in ninja class too. To do Ninja you need shorts and a shirt that is not big but you can be flexible in. Grip socks are good and a water bottle then you are ready . Flexibility, speed, focus , energy, stamina ,and strength are important for ninja but especially responsibility.



By: Ken

Swimming is my favorite among all the sports. It’s really fun! I've been swimming in Japan since I was 2 years old. By the way, there are 4 competitive swimming strokes which are, butterfly, breaststroke, and freestyle. My favorite stroke is freestyle because it's the fastest and the most efficient of all the strokes. Swimming is very tough. I practice 5x a week and an hour and a half every time. I feel happy to see my friends and practice together with them. So, this is why I love swimming.




By: Ava Johnson

Hi, my name is AVA and I play softball. I play for team Indiana Inpact. Their colors are red, blue and white. It is a travel team so you travel all around the United States. My teams softball colors are neon yellow and green and red. My cleat colors are black with hot pink laces. You have to have glove, bat, helmet and batting gloves. My number is 11 so my nickname is sticks because one's look like sticks.


Snacks at TCE

Students are welcome to bring a snack with them to school each day. This is completely optional. For the health and safety. of our classmates with allergies, please only send snacks with your child that are on the TCE approved snack list.

TCE approved snacks include:

  • cheese
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • Pepperidge Farms Goldfish - any variety
  • Skinny Pop


Water Bottles

Our drinking fountains have been turned back off. We do have bottle filling stations available in all of our pods! We strongly recommend that your child bring a water bottle with them each day to school. Thank you!


Blue Ribbon School

Thorpe creek is a 2021 blue ribbon school! I love TCE it is like home. The staff make me feel safe and comfortable. I have learned so much at TCE! Thanks so much to all my teachers I have had.

Big picture


Recycle Lights

Dear HSE Staff, Students, and Families,

This Holiday Season, HSE is asking you to give a gift to the Earth by making the choice to be more sustainable. HSE Schools will be hosting a district wide Holiday Light Recycling Program. Starting December 1st and going until January 14th each school will be collecting old, broken, tangled, or unwanted holiday lights. Technology Recyclers will take these unwanted/unusable lights and break them down into useable components that will be used to make new products. Last year, you helped prevent 3,519 pounds of e-waste from entering landfills and polluting the Earth. That is the roughly the weight of a Toyota Rav4.

Why Should People Recycle Old Holiday Lights?

  • Holiday Lights are not bio-degradable and will spend hundreds of years in a landfill if thrown away.
  • Holiday lights are known to get into waterways and oceans. This can lead to animals becoming entangled and dying.
  • New ENERGY STAR LED holiday lights are up to 75% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.
  • LED holiday lights are not as fragile as the thin glass of incandescent bulbs.
  • According to the National Fire Protection Association switching to LED holiday lights reduces the chance of Christmas tree fires.
  • LED bulbs offer more colors and features while reducing the energy consumed.
  • LED holiday lights have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs offering on average 25% longer life.
  • Holiday lights are made from copper, glass, and plastic—valuable materials that can be recycled, reclaimed, and turned into new products helping preserve our environment!


  1. Please do not include any packing material.
  2. Please do not include any apparatus used to wind up or store the lights.
  3. Please do not include lights wrapped in garland.


  1. Please place your lights in the recycling box (many will be stored in the front office, media centers, or science classrooms).
  2. Ask your friends, neighbors, social groups, and family members if they also have lights that need to be recycled.
  3. Do your part to be more sustainable this year.

No matter what the reason, resist the urge to throw old holiday lights in the trash. Please participate in HSE district wide Holiday Light Recycling Program this ye


A Note to Morning Car Rider Families


We are asking for your help. With our earlier school day start time, we are thinking through the safety and efficiency of the car rider line.

Beginning Monday, November 1, students will unload along the sidewalk in between the safety cones marked “UNLOADING ZONE.” Staff members will continue to be along the sidewalk ensuring safety as students exit their cars.

How you can help:

  1. Please make every effort to have your child seated on the passenger side of the car so they can independently step out of the car onto the sidewalk.
  2. To keep the line moving, it is also helpful for your child to have all their belongings ready prior to your arrival to the “UNLOADING ZONE.”
  3. As soon as all cars are safely stopped within the “UNLOADING ZONE,” staff members will motion for students to exit the vehicles. ***We ask that regardless of where you are in the “UNLOADING ZONE” (toward the front or back), you allow your child to exit when the adults give the signal to do so.

We greatly appreciate your help and consideration!


The TCE Car Rider Line Crew


Information from Thorpe Creek PTO

Click here for the PTO Newsletter

Want to know what's going on with TCE PTO check out this link for more information.


Information from Hamilton Southeastern Schools

What to do if you suspect a disability/Child Find:

If your child is age 2 ½ through 21, attends any school within the Hamilton Southeastern Schools boundaries or you live in our community, and you suspect your child may have a disability, you should contact us for more information.

· For children at least two and a half years of age, but not yet age-eligible for kindergarten, you should contact the Early Childhood Assessment Team at Brooks School Elementary School at 317-915-4250.

· For students who are eligible for kindergarten through age 21, you should contact your child’s teacher, school counselor or building administrator to discuss your concerns and explore the steps to be taken. If your child is not enrolled in public school, you should contact the counselor or building administrator in the building your child would attend if enrolled.

Response-to-Instruction (RtI)

Response to Instruction (RtI) is a general education initiative designed to provide high quality instruction and interventions matched to student needs and using learning rate over time and level of performance to make important educational decisions. The RtI model is based on a three-tiered model of service delivery with a focus on early intervention and prevention of academic and behavioral concerns. Data collected during this process provides valuable information regarding students’ educational progress and response to interventions. Students who do not demonstrate a response to well-implemented, scientifically-based interventions at the Tier 3 level would be referred for an educational evaluation to determine eligibility for special education. RtI is a component of HSE’s Child Find Process.


HSE Community Insider

Looking for local events? Check out HSE’s Community Insider (CI). The CI is a resource for both HSE families and community partners. It not only provides a space to post information about events, camps, and other educational programs. It also offers the opportunity to find upcoming activities in and around Hamilton County.


Mudsock Information

Mudsock Youth Athletics Updates:

Wear Your Youth Sport Jersey on Saturday, November 13th:

Help us celebrate National Youth Sports Day by dressing in your youth sport jersey next Saturday, November 13th! Thank you for spreading the word! We’re excited to show off the power of youth sports in the HSE School district community. Invite your teammates to participate and tag us on Facebook @Mudsock Youth Athletics or on Twitter @MudsockYouth with your photos!

Spring Program Registration:

Mark your calendars! Registration for spring baseball, softball, soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, rugby and track and field opens January 1st at Season information including divisions and program fees will be updated on our site at the end of December. Need a refresher over our registration periods? Find them here.


Student Handbook

The elementary student handbook for all HSE students is located on the TCE website following the button below to view.