Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

August 22nd

What is going on?


August 26th Reading and Math facts officially need to be marked in the planner.

September 2nd Student & staff holiday

September 9th Sight Words start.

October 30th Field Trip

Friday Lunch (Sign Up Genius)

It is such a treat to have lunch delivered on Friday. Our 2nd grade team has come up with a sign up for pick up and delivery. We order online, so no money will be exchanged. We have arranged the order by teachers, so please sign up in one of your teacher's spots. Thank you so much.

We will be needing headphones for an online assessment next week. Please send them in asap.

Please remember to check our team website as well for updated curriculum and other team announcements.

If you would like to be a volunteer this year or even come on our Spring Field Trip, it is a requirement that you have go through the Volunteer Process for a background check through the district. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks so don't put it off. Here is the link to help you:

Items needed for next week: Please reply if you can donate. I will update who is bringing what.

Thanks for considering.

Cut up bag of broccoli (Gage)

5 bottles of Elmers glue( Mrs. Baker)

one box of baking soda (Gage)

food coloring (Rebecca)


From our awesome librarian for those who are interested in SUMMER READING RESOURCES page can go to the top of the library website:


Have a great weekend!