JANUARY 13, 2022

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We had so much to celebrate at our second quarter celebration led by kindergarten and fourth grade! We recognized A, A/B, perfect attendance, citizenship, and Accelerated Reading. The students have been working so hard and we couldn't be more proud! Ryden and Abel are the first students to make our 100 AR club! We will recognize the 50 point club students in grades K-2 and the 100 point club students in grades 3-5 each quarter! We are proud of them and hope to make shirts for even more students in the next quarter! The principal award went to Emmery and Cyrus in second grade and Trent and Lylah in third grade! Way to go! Lastly, we were honored to recognize Mrs. Gamez, our fifth-grade math teacher, as KLBK's Teacher of the Week! She is dedicated to student success and portrays passion in her classroom for student learning! Thank you, Mrs. Gamez for all that you do for our students!

We are beyond thankful for the dedication of our UIL coaches and your children for representing us at the district UIL meet in November. I included how we placed and we couldn't be more proud! The students tried out for the teams, worked hard outside of school to study, and performed amazingly at the meet!

The teachers and staff tell your children how proud of them we are every day! We are dedicated to student success and enjoy celebrating all their accomplishments!

¡Teníamos mucho que celebrar en nuestra celebración del segundo trimestre dirigida por kindergarten y cuarto grado! Reconocimos A, A/B, asistencia perfecta, civismo y lectura acelerada. ¡Los estudiantes han estado trabajando muy duro y no podríamos estar más orgullosos! ¡Ryden y Abel son los primeros estudiantes en formar parte de nuestro club 100 AR! ¡Reconoceremos a los estudiantes del club de 50 puntos en los grados K-2 y a los estudiantes del club de 100 puntos en los grados 3-5 cada trimestre! ¡Estamos orgullosos de ellos y esperamos hacer camisetas para más estudiantes en el próximo trimestre! ¡El premio principal fue para Emmery y Cyrus en segundo grado y Trent y Lylah en tercer grado! ¡Camino a seguir! ¡Por último, tuvimos el honor de reconocer a la Sra. Gamez, nuestra maestra de matemáticas de quinto grado, como la Maestra de la Semana de KLBK! ¡Ella está dedicada al éxito de los estudiantes y retrata la pasión en su salón de clases por el aprendizaje de los estudiantes! ¡Gracias, Sra. Gamez por todo lo que hace por nuestros estudiantes

! Estamos más que agradecidos por la dedicación de nuestros entrenadores de UIL y sus hijos por representarnos en la reunión de UIL del distrito en noviembre. ¡Incluí cómo nos ubicamos y no podríamos estar más orgullosos! ¡Los estudiantes probaron para los equipos, trabajaron duro fuera de la escuela para estudiar y se desempeñaron asombrosamente en la competencia!

¡Los maestros y el personal les dicen a sus hijos lo orgullosos que estamos de ellos todos los días! ¡Estamos dedicados al éxito de los estudiantes y disfrutamos celebrando todos sus logros!

UIL Results


5th Grade Team - 3rd Place

Jaydah Rios - 2nd

Michael Salad

Lucas Vazquez

2nd Grade: Natalie Contreras - 1st


2nd Grade: Summer Herrera - 1st


4th Grade: Asriel Garcia - 1st

Steven Gonzalez - 3rd

5th Grade: Marisol Castillo - 4th


5th Grade Team - 3rd Place

Marisol Castillo

Kenia Acosta

David Moreno

Jaydah Rios


5th Grade: Jaydah Rios - 5th


3rd Grade Team: 3rd Place

Lilah Castillo

Tristyn Flores

Kamber Howard

Khloe Cano

4th Grade Team: 3rd Place

Jenesis Luera - 4th

Asriel Garcia

Lane Herrera


3rd Grade: Kamber Howard - 5th

Lylah Castillo - 6th

4th Grade: Elaynna Cavazos - 4th


1st Grade: Ivan Cano - 6th


4th Grade: Jenesis Luera - 6th

Elaynna Cavazos - 6th


5th Grade Team - 3rd Place

Marisol Castillo - 4th

Owen Weems - 5th

Maddison Autry

Michael Salas


5th Grade Team - 1st Place

Ryden Campos - 4th

Abel Hernandez - 6th

Owen Weems

Michael Salas


My phenomenal Pre-K students had a wonderful week!

Letters: Aa, Tt, Ll, Vv, Zz, Xx, Hh, Ff, Ee, Kk, Mm, Yy, Ii,

Dd, Oo, Cc, Qq

  • Focusing on letter Qq this week and number 18.
  • Review letter sound & recognition at home.
  • Write down the # of words read on new Reading log
  • Please remember to send a water bottle every day.
  • Please check snack chart.
  • No School on Friday, Jan. 14th.

    Thank you, parents, for all your support!!

    Mrs. A 😊


Just a few things for Kindergarten:

  • Be sure to be completing the reading log each night.
  • We will have school on Monday, January 10th but not on Friday, January 14th.
  • Our next sight word test will be on Friday, January 21st. Please use the upcoming long weekend to study all the words! It's a great time to catch up on what your child may be missing.

Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your children with me!



· Phonics homework every night.

· Spelling test Wednesday, January 19.

· Test on purple sight words Friday.

· +9’s to practice

· Please read a book every night and record it on the reading log.

· Please make sure your child is bringing their library book to school every day.



Second Grade

The kids are learning about animals and the jobs they perform. We are learning sentence patterns. Students are working hard on learning new diagraphs in phonics. We are still working on regrouping with subtraction. The students are teaching their peers the math process. All of the kids have welcomed our new student so kindly. Keep reading! Enjoy the four days off!

Mrs. Hogue


ELAR/Social Studies

  • In reading we are studying the characteristics of informational text:
    • Gives facts and details
    • Authors write nonfiction to teach us about a subject
    • Have text features(graphs, maps, charts, glossary, table of contents, etc.)
  • In Social Studies we are learning how transportation has changed over time.
  • Please make sure your child is reading every night and filling out their reading log. All reading logs are due at the end of this month.

Mrs. Lamming


· In math we are learning how to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.

· Please make sure that your child is practicing there math facts every night.

· Math fact test will be tomorrow since we do not have school Friday.

· In science we have finished our lesson on how Earth’s forces, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, and landslides change the Earth’s surface.


It's been an exciting week! It was amazing to see so many students receive awards for the 2nd Quarter.

In 4th grade Math, we are working on Geometry. We have covered area and perimeter of four-sided figures and are working on learning about lines, rays, angles, points, and types of lines. The students seem to enjoy this unit so far. 🙂

In 4th grade Science, we are discussing weathering and erosion. We performed a lab using Skittles and Jolly Ranchers to simulate different types of rock that is weathered by water. The students had a good time making observations and communicating what they learned.

5th grade Science is deep into learning about weather. They have had a good time pulling up real time weather information and some of them made excellent forecasts of their own! We are learning about different types of fronts, where wind comes from, why different weather conditions may be present, types of climates, and many other things. They seem to be enjoying what they are learning. Please discuss with them the weather each day.

Thank you for sharing your children,

Mrs. Brown 🙂

In ELAR we are beginning a research project and diving deeper into informational texts. In Social Studies we are learning more about the important people who helped create Texas. I am so proud of everyone's hard work so far this semester.


  1. Spelling tests every Thursday!
  2. Read at least 20 minutes every night. We have big AR goals to meet this 9 weeks.
  3. Please message us if your child will be out!

Thank you for all you do 🙂 It is a joy to spend my days with your child.

Jenna Wesley


Wow! I can't believe another week has gone by. This week we have pivoted to learning about informational texts. We have been reading interesting books about Giant Squids, salt, and birds. It's been a great start to our unit over Informational texts.

In Social Studies, we've been learning more about American Indians and American Immigrants and westward expansion. The students are working diligently every day.

A few reminders:

  • Please send your child with a water bottle every day.
  • Please make sure your child is reading every night for no less than 20 minutes. We have students who aren't meeting their AR goals because they aren't reading enough. I want all students to be able to be rewarded for their hard work, not just a small group.
  • Please try to have your student here every day if they are healthy. We are ramping up to the STAAR test and every minute of instruction matters.
  • If your child does get sick and will be absent, please let me or Ms. Gamez know through Dojo so we can plan for makeup work if needed.
  • Spelling tests will start next Thursday. A new spelling test is going home today! Please have your child go over this every night.

Thank you!

Mrs. Rasco


-We need to keep on practicing multiplication math facts. I have one student that mentioned she has changed it up and now she is dividing with multiplication math facts as a game on her phone. (I love that!) Not only is she working the math facts but getting used to dividing.

-We will start with perimeter, and area next week. This will be fun!

-Thank you for all your support.

Mrs. Gamez



This coming Tuesday, January 18th we will be celebrating our 80th day of school!

Join in on the fun and dress in your 80's attire!!

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Every Wednesday right after school!!

Prices range from .50 to 4.00

pickle pops, snow cones, popcorn, dippin dots, cake pops, etc


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