Scientific Revolution

By: Brandon Mooney

what changed during the scientific revolution?

The scientific revolution started with a man named Nicolaus Copernicus who was a scholar that has been credited the heliocentric model of the solar system, but he actually read about it in a book by Aristarchus.

The image to the right shows how renaissance scientist were interested in how light worked and the stars.

Copernicus felt that Ptolemy's model was sloppy ; Copernicus felt that his model was too complex and implausible when using Ptolemy's geocentric model.

who were the people associated with the change

  1. Galileo Galilei was a Italian mathematics professor who constructed a telescope supported Nicolaus Copernicus' theory that the sun is the center of our solar system; also Galileo was accused of heresy twice.
  2. Nicolaus Copernicus shared his findings on the heliocentric system in the Commentariolus. He also shared more of his findings in he second book De revolutionibus orbium Coelestius.
  3. Rene Descartes graduated from Jesuit at age 8, then earned his law at the age of 22. Rene is also famous for the observation "I think therefore I am," in his pursuit of understanding the natural world.

How did the scientific revolution affect society at the time?

The scientific revolution changed the way that people thought about the natural world. Nicolaus Copernicus introduced a simple heliocentric model to common people, but the church charged him with heresy. The church only charged him with heresy because he introduced a new way of thinking that went against the church at the time. Galileo supporting the Heliocentric theory would in turn help people think more in that conclusion the scientific revolution helped people think more outside the box, and the thinking that the church drilled into the public.
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How is the change in thinking evidenced in today's modern society

In modern society we still learn that the geocentric model is wrong and the heliocentric model is right. In modern society we have learned that the heliocentric model is astronomically correct the planets revolve around the sun.i have always been taught that this way is true and that its impossible for the sun to revolve around us. People believed that since they could not feel the earth move then other planets must move around us. Science will tell us that we don't feel the earth move because of inertia. In conclusion in modern society we learn that we revolve around the sun.
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