Unemployment Rate

By Hunt Harrison

North Carolina

As of October 2014 6.3% of people in North Carolina are unemployed. In December of 2012 it was at 9.4% which is very high. The unemployment rate of North Carolina is higher than the United States percent.

North Carolina Compared to Other States

North Carolina compared to the other states is the thirty second highest state compared to the fifty. South Carolina is at 6.7% and Virginia is at 5.3%. The lowest state is North Dakota which is 2.8%. The highest is 7.7% which is Georgia. People will not take a job offer but instead will take a government unemployment check. This is a problem Pat McCrory says.

North Carolina

The number of people taking Government checks dropped to 45,000 which is a 40% drop. More than 22,000 people found a job when benefits were cut. 77,000 fewer people working or looking for a job in October compared to last year.