Man made water ways for travel

How were canal helpful?

In this time of great national expansion and

change, the canal created a bond between

the people living in the East and West. This

helped strengthen the Union.The East also began to rely on the West for

agricultural products, as well as the profits

from exporting them to Europe.

Governor Clinton's quote to the Erie canal

“The city will, in the course of time, become the granary of the world, the emporium of commerce, the seat of manufactures, the focus of great moneyed operations,” said Clinton. “And before the revolution of a century, the whole island of Manhattan, covered with inhabitants and replenished with a dense population, will constitute one vast city.”

different types of canals

DeWitt Clinton

"The overflowing blessings from this fountain of public good and national abundance will be as extensive as our own country and as durable as time."