banners and flags

Signage may be used in a variety of places. Place signs.

Invest in Interchangeable Ways of Promotion

Capturing the attention of local people, passers-by, and those on vacation is getting more and more difficult for physical business owners. Digital marketing campaigns, radio and television advertisements, and interactive websites are excellent ways of promoting a business but do very little to intrigue people as they are passing the physical business location. People on vacation, for example, may want to try a specific restaurant or check out a local artisan shop, but can easily drive right by and not realize it. Printed material creates the visual that reminds people the business exists when they are near it.

So Many Options

Banners, portable displays, signs, exhibition displays, corflute signs, and media walls are just a few examples of what type of printed materials are available. Owners who invest in a few of these can interchange them to often so the business will continue to be noticed. Placing the same banners and flags on the street corner, in the parking lot, or near the entrance will quickly melt into the background along with the trees and utility poles

Switching out shapes, designs, portable displays, and pop-up options will cause people to look because it is something different. Banner shapes can be teardrops, circular, square, rectangular, or made to resemble menu items, products, or services. A large banner in the shape of a blow-dryer will call attention to a beauty salon, just as a flag resembling a beer mug can indicate a local bar. Board signs for windows, large posters to hang from the ceiling inside the store, shell scheme graphics, and pop-up gazebos can be taken down and put back up a few months from now.

Trade Shows

The same graphics and colors used at the location of the business can be matched to make a strong branding connection with exhibition displays displays at outdoor community events, and annual fundraisers. Many companies that specialize in promotional marketing offer one-stop services so all the printed materials and displays form cohesive branding recognition. Items are designed, printed, and manufactured at the same facility. This eliminates confusion, ensures all the materials are of the highest quality, and allows companies to offer satisfaction guarantees.

The process also saves business owners time and money. Ordering the same logo on different materials means the computer and color selection only needs to be set-up once for the entire production. The company saves time and money which is passed onto the customer. Compare all-in-one companies regarding choices, services, and pricing. A small investment in interchangeable printed materials provides a high return and gives the owner some hands-on promotion control.