Larry Bird

By Dominic


Larry Bird is famous for basketball and winning a lot of awards. He was born in West Baden Indiana. He started playing basketball in collage and played for the Indiana State Sycamores. Larry Bird left Indiana with Usbwa the collage player of the year,the

Nasmith award and the wooden award. He was the fifth highest scorer in the ncaa history. Larry Bird was chosen as the Celtics number one draft pick.

Getting famous

Larry Bird had signed a contract for a then record of $ 650,000. Larry Bird averaged 213 points per game with the rookie of the year honors. He led the Celtics In rebounding with an average of 104 rebounds per game. Larry Bird had an average of 143 steals per game .He played 2,955 minutes per game.


I have learned alot more about Larry Bird I hope you have also learned alot more about him.
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