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April 20, 2015

Reminders: No School Tomorrow! YMCA Tuesday! Church visit Sabbath!

Due to the Spring Teacher Inservice, there will not be school tomorrow, Monday, April 20, 2015. Mrs. Graham will be down in Cedar Lake for Basic Life Support recertification. School will resume at normal time Tuesday morning; please bring swim gear! :)

Also, our last Education Sabbath is this weekend. Thank you so much for the wonderful participation. This is a HUGE blessing to the church families, but also to each student who is able to experience serving their Father God by leading the church in worship! This is training for our young people! We are so thankful for each one who has faithfully been involved this year!

An Earth Day Bible Study

  • Psalm 24:1 The earth is the Lord’s.
  • Genesis 1:28 God created the earth, but He has made us managers of His property. Good managers take care of their entrusted goods. (Matthew 25:14-30)
  • Genesis 2:15 Caring for the earth includes keeping it orderly and beautiful, not exploiting its resources through greedy waste.
  • I Corinthians 10:31 Because God owns the earth (Psalm 95:5), caring for His creation is a way we can honor Him.
  • Proverbs 12:10 Even animals are to be cared for and not neglected or mistreated.
  • Hebrews 2:6-8 God has given the earth into humanity’s subjection, not to trash or abuse it, but to bring out its full potential.
  • Genesis 3:17-19 Sin caused our earth to be in its present dying and decaying state. (see also Romans 5:12)
  • Revelation 11:18 God will ultimately (reluctantly) destroy those who destroy the earth and create a new heaven and a new earth (Isaiah 51:6).
  • Isaiah 11:9 If nothing will hurt or destroy in the New Earth, it would be good if we learned how to build up, not destroy, on this earth!
  • Genesis 1:31 God originally made everything good and perfect. It is the work of redemption* to bring us back to the original Garden of Eden condition. God is pleased when we partner with Him right now to restore as far as possible our body, mind, and spirit to how He first made us. Stewardship of all God’s creation is one way we can worship God. *Redemption is God’s act of rescuing us from the results of sin (death) and giving us eternal life. We are “redeemed” when we accept Jesus as our Savior, believing that He rescued us from the results of sin by dying on the cross in our place.
  • Luke 21:34-36 Be ready!
This Bible study was made especially for young people. You can find more teen Bible studies at including the “41 Bible Studies” set by Cindy Tutsch.

Caring for Christ's Vineyards

If you cultivate faithfully the vineyard of your soul, God is making you a laborer together with service. Consider the life of Christ. Standing at the head of humanity, serving His Father, He is an Himself. And you will have a work to do not only for yourself, but for others. In representing the church as the vineyard, Christ does not teach that we are to restrict our sympathies and labors to our own numbers. The Lord's vineyard is to be enlarged. In all parts of the earth He desires it to be extended. As we receive the instruction and grace of God, we should impart to others a knowledge of how to care for

the precious plants. Thus we may extend the vineyard of the Lord. God is watching for evidence of our faith, love, and patience. He looks to see if we are using every spiritual advantage to become skillful workers in His vineyard on earth, that we may enter the Paradise of God, that Eden home from which Adam and Eve were excluded by transgression. --Christ's Object Lessons, p. 280

Week of Prayer

Last week, we focused on prayer in a special way. On Monday, we learned about Mr. Bell, a spider who God created to live underwater with a special oxygen mask. Since prayer is the breath of the soul, and we are to pray continually to keep alive spiritually, there were some great connections in the life of Mr. Bell. Then, Mrs. Graham talked about how Jesus makes it possible to get to know God through prayer and His word, and how that helps us trust Him so we can find freedom and awesome living (the zip line story). Mrs. Nietling told of an amazing answer to prayer and how we can't stop sin on our own; we need God's power and He'll give it when we ask! Also, students made booklets entitled, 11 Ways to Pray, and we were able to practice several of those ways throughout the week. At the end of the week, we came up with ideas of how to incorporate prayer into our school day more.

Wexford County Jail Bond Referendum - Signature Collecting

Please join us! We have less than three (3) weeks to collect 2500 signatures, and we know we need God's intervention! We need to act, too! Commit to act, and pray for God's mighty hand to move on our behalf however He wills. (Esther 4.) We have the information you need to collect signatures. Please check out the document below!

5K Training

We are continuing to train for our May 25th 5K at school! Please keep bringing your tennis shoes! Thank you! It makes a big difference. Also, train with us! You can do it on your own, or contact us to train with a group.

Reminder: 2015-2016 School Year Scholarships

The Michigan Conference recently sent information regarding the Christian Education Endowed Scholarship Fund. This fund was established to financially assist needy students at all levels of Adventist education. If you would like an application for this Scholarship Fund because you are experiencing a real financial need, please keep the following in mind:

  • There are limited funds for distribution, so please pick up and turn in your application as soon as possible.

  • Funds awarded for the 2015-2016 school year will be paid directly to the school:

    A. The student must remain enrolled to receive these funds.

    B. No funds will be released until after 2nd semester begins.

  • The notification of awarded funds will be announced as soon as possible. It is the plan to notify each applicant, and the school they are attending, on or before August 10, 2015.

  • Applications must be postmarked on or before May 13, 2015. A student letter and a grade report need to be submitted with the application.

  • Letters of recommendation need to be emailed or postmarked on or before May 13, 2015. Applications without recommendations have a lower chance of being selected. Letters should include information about the applicant’s academic performance, history, reason for need, and any other sources of assistance.

Please see Mrs. Graham to pick up an application at the office. Thank you for your support of Adventist Christian Education!

PhysicalGenesis Study & Surveys

This THIRD STUDY in the “Mind Body Spirit Triad” of research studies focusing on students in the North American Division of the Adventist Education system will investigate health behaviors and fitness levels of children and adolescents and their relationship to health in the context of their school and home environment.

Here at Northview, we need to complete the PhysicalGenesis study on health within the next month. Please watch for more information to be sent home in Communicators this week as parents are asked to:

  1. Give parental consent for your student(s) to participate in the study
  2. Complete a parental survey

Your active participation will make this study a success and lead us to improve the health of our students. Thank you very much for taking the time to help!

School Spirit Week

The last week of April (next week!) is our school spirit week, and here are the details:

Monday: Historical Figure Day
  • Dress as your favorite historical figure! This may be from any historical time period, Bible times included, and from any culture or country. Please choose someone you could aspire to be like as a Christian young person.

Tuesday: Sports/Hobby Day

  • Dress in your favorite sports or hobby attire! Wear a sports jersey, your baseball uniform, or dress for a backpacking trip or horse riding adventure!

Wednesday: Pajama Day

  • Come in your comfiest (modest) PJs! Bring a pillow and a blanket (for games, not sleeping)!

Thursday: Crazy Hair Day/Mismatch Day

  • The sky is the limit here! Crazy hair and mismatched clothes. How clash-y can you be? One word of caution: your hair must be back to normal (style and color) by Friday!

Friday: Hawaii Day (please note the change in the calendar)

  • Take a vacation! Come in your shorts, grass skirt, hawaiian shirts, and leis. Wear flip flops or sandals and bring your favorite tropical fruit to share!
  • We will be going out for May Day Bible Labs, so please bring weather-appropriate clothes for this event.

Students are welcome to wear hats Monday, Tuesday, and Friday! For students who choose not to participate in the day's activities, regular uniform is required.

April Calendar

Random Acts of Kindness
  • This month we will focus on good manners. Check your calendar for daily activities! :)

Prayer Partners

  • Pray for our prayer partner every time you eat a meal this month. When you are saying the blessing before your meal, remember to ask the Lord to bless your prayer partner.

Our Week in Pictures

Coming Soon!

We Are Learning

Topics and Themes

  • Bible: Jesus' death, burial, resurrection, and ascension (1-4); 3 essential, Scriptural truths restored during the Reformation (5-8) and Unit Review & Test.
  • Mathematics: For current topics and practice materials, please use links below.
  • Daily Routine: Spelling Lists and activities are accessible through Spelling City (see below). We also practice cursive handwriting and grammar.
  • Reading: Comprehension and fluency strategies as we read The Gardener (1-2), Julius (3-4), and A Single Shard (5-8). Self-selected reading (SSR) is coupled with daily response logs. At times we use RAZ Kids (see link below). Teacher username is egraham11; students know passwords so may access books at home.
  • Writing: Students will be working on "How-To" (1-4) and Opinion (5-8) Essays.
  • Social Studies: African geography and cultures; country research projects.
  • Science: Forms & uses of energy.
  • Spanish: La Escuela.

Weekly Memory Verses

  • Grades 1-4: John 14:1-3
  • Grades 5-8: Romans 1:17, John 1:5, 2 Timothy 3:16, John 16:33, Zechariah 4:6. (Review Unit verses.)

Upcoming Events

Teacher Inservice

Monday, April 20th, 8:30am-3:30pm

202 North Carmel Street

Cadillac, MI

There will be NO school next Monday, April 20, 2015 due to the Michigan Conference's Spring Inservice. Teachers have mandatory CPR/First Aid Training on this day.

YMCA Swim Field Trip

Tuesday, April 21st, 1-3pm

9845 Campus Drive

Cadillac, MI

Animal Shelter Visitation

Friday, April 24th, 1pm

1406 6th Avenue

Cadillac, MI

Cadillac Church Visit

Saturday, April 25th, 11am

801 East Division Street

Cadillac, MI

Our last church visit of the school year will be at Cadillac. Please bring a dish to pass for the fellowship meal following the service. Thank you!

School Spirit Week

Monday, April 27th, 8:30am

202 North Carmel Street

Cadillac, MI

Last Day of School

Friday, May 29th, 8:30am

202 North Carmel Street

Cadillac, MI

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