To me media is today’s main way of mass communication, advertisement, education and entertainment. The media has huge power within the American democracy because just about all Americans get their news from the media rather than from other people or other sources. Technology has made the way we receive media different throughout the years from newspapers to smartphone, laptops, and televisions all give us media and new ways of interacting with one another. New social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram are some examples of media controlling how we as a society operate day to day rather it be by posting a pic or tweeting a tweet. Almost everything we know about people, places, and events that we cannot visit first-hand comes from the media. We are dependent upon mass communication for knowing what is going on in our physical, social, economic, and political environments. If there world had no way of producing media there wouldn’t be any form of news or communication. I believe with today’s technology media will just grow and grow and will become easier to get. Media literacy is the ability to understand how mass media works. Media Literacy is a 21st century approach to education .To be media literate means to be able to explain the role media plays on his or her life. Media literacy can expand from music to art to games to news. The purpose of media literacy is to empower young people to understand the mass media and how it works

Brilliant commercial AXE PEACE Make Love, Not War


In the Axe commercial AXE PEACE which aired during the 2014 Super bowl, communicates to viewers that “Peace” making love not war is important in today’s society no matter what part of the world you are in. Axe promotes peace by depicting countries who under war but find away to find peace through the smells of axe body spray. Axe attempts to get viewers to see a dark side of war in order to see how peace can be spread even through places that are in times of bad violence. This commercial uses an emotional tone which connects with men and how peace and smelling good can be spread through war


Briceson Ambeau reporting to you from SOX Six News

Atlantians the Panicyians

In recent news Atlanta was hit with a whopping snow storm that leveled the city. The snow storm bought a raging, heavy, enormous , crazy 1 inches to the ground. Atlantians treated the snowfall as if they where falling white gernaders from the sky. in response to this the Governer Deal issued for all schools and jobs realease and get home HOLEY MOLEY MAN ARE YOU NUTS.....the one inch caused massive traffic freazing peoples car to the streets leaving them stranded knee deep in inch of snow.All federal offices in the nation's capital were ordered closed, and thousands of employees were being told to stay home.

There is no denying that male cheerleaders get a bad rap. One big stereotype is that being male cheerleaders automatically makes you gay. This stereotype makes me deeply upset because I am a male and cheer, most people think that that straight guys would rather compete in sports than cheer for other guys but not all cheering is cheering for people. You would probably be surprised how much athletic ability is required to be a cheerleader. You must have tremendous strength, skill and coordination. Throwing a cheerleader in the air is no easy task Being a male cheerleader has many ups , you are around gorgeous girls , touching and grabbing them , it doesn’t get any better than that.

Response to 1984

George Orwells 1984 novel was a very interesting book that mostly made me feel very ready to find out what the next scene was when i kept reading. i personally dont like how the book ended beacause it just left you wondering, wondering what happend to winston and his love julia, did the unite or did they never see eachother again. We dont know. Reading the book made me think about times back of the holocaust mainly because poeple where controled strictly by government and if you didnt obey you where exicuted i think he did a good job og depicting a utilaitarian society. I think that the main idea is to warn us about consequences of loosing our freedom and our mind. The only thing i wouldve done different with the novel is changed up the ending leave the reasders with a liitle bit more



This year media literacy class has taught me a lot of new things that I never knew existed. Media is so big in today’s society; Media is a powerful force in the lives of our youth. Media is everywhere; media is just a part of everything we do now. You can’t even walk down the street without seeing something being advertised through the media. What better way to incorporate this growing knowledge for technology then to have it as a class. Media literacy for me wasn’t just a language arts class it was a science, social studies, and political class all in one. Past language arts classes, student where faced with little to no creativity but in media literacy your creativeness is what the class is all about, being able to interpret others works and create satires, analysis and blogs. Media literacy class is really the new age of learning all assignments are technology based you’re doing work involving the computer and movies it’s just a really entertaining class because you’re getting away from the big boring textbooks and everyday lectures from the teacher. In my opinion this had to be the most hands on class I have been in through high school because of the work and involvement you had to put in on every assignment. This truly has been one of my favorite classes out of all four years because it was based off of everything teenagers are surrounded by like social media. Having a teacher that was up to date with all the media and things teens are involved in made the class very fun and relatable. Mr. Owens was a great teacher and knew exactly what he was doing with this class. . Even though I like interacting on the computer and things it just felt like we were assigned too much work involving the computer sometimes, that’s the only negative critic I have about this class


On August 6, 1945 an America b29 bomber plan was headed to Japan to drop what was known as the atomic bomb. Nothing of this power has ever been made before nor has it ever been used to drop on a nation. But on the American planes mission to japan president Truman orders and abort mission. The bomb was set to drop over 90,000 buildings in Hiroshima but it made an immediate turn back to air force bases under the president’s orders. World War II continued even bloodier and Japanese are growing and military getting stronger in alliances. Russia took over Hokkaido and sections of Tohoku establishing another West/East Germany. Now japan had a serious problem not only was Germany taking over it land American troops are now invading the country and numerous number of Japanese men, women and innocent children were being killed. But also America was dividing the fight on two front Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. The war has drugged on now for many more years most American people wonder is this long war an outcome of American not dropping the atomic bomb. Then came the attack on Pearl Harbor .The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike conducted by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This definitely has crushed America as a nation not only is we loosing thousands of U.S. troops but we have been attacked on our own soil.