for it or not?

Texas is annexed

The Joint Resolution was a formal ruling passed by both houses in the U.S congress takes a simple majority. It was way easier to pass, the united states voted to annex Texas in 1845and it passed, Texas is now a part of the United States.

Treaty of April 1844

The treaty of 1844, was to make Texas a territory not a state. Texans did not like this but they still accepted, but again the U.S senate rejected the treaty. It did not pass by 2/3 majority!!

U.S gets a New President

Texas gets a new president known as Lamar which was not for annexation but Sam Houston was for annexation because he knew they could not do it by themselves. Sam Houston won by 80% because Texans admired his leadership skills.

We need the U.S

It was a very good thing that we annexed, because the U.S payed off our debt approxamitly ten million dollars! We also needed the United States because they would provide a money system, and a postal system which was definetly needed. One of the main reasons we needed them most is because they provide the protection that we needed.