The Seceret Life of Walter Mitty

Keira Walton


The author's text structure defines the characteriation of Walter Mitty becuase he was disrespected, a victim, and cowardly.

Claim 1

First, people treat Mitty with no respect. He gets yelled at when he does something wrong. He also gets pushed around by the garage man.
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Claim 2

Secondly, Mitty is a victim. People that are walking on the streets laugh at him. A lady walking o the street laughed at him when he passed because he was talking to himself.
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Claim 3

Lastly, Mitty is a coward. He doesn't stand up for himself, he is afraid to. His wife treats him like a child, she treats him horribly.
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In many ways, the auntor's text structure defined Mitty's characterization by describing him as cowardly, a victim, and being treated with no respect.