Bulimia Nervosa

By: Michaela Norris


Bulimia is a serious eating disorder. Most bulimic people are secretive about their disorder. It is common among ages 15 - 24. Bulimia is when you have episodes of eating large amounts of food and then self- induce vomiting. If they do not try to make themselves vomit they use things such as slimming tablets, diuretics, and laxatives.


There are many causes or reasons why people are bulimic. Many of these people have self image issues and have problems with depression. Bulimia is often caused by a stressful life event like illness or death of family member, examinations, divorce, change or loss of job, and pregnancy.


Some symptoms are extreme depression, being withdrawn, excessive weight gain or weight loss, gastro-intestinal problems, menstrual disturbance, enamel problems, and attempt at suicide.


There are many ways to go about treatment usually they put the patient on an antidepressant. The goal is to get your patient to stop trying to lose weight, learn normal eating patterns, attend supportive psychotherapy classes, and improve the person self image perceptions of themselves.

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