The Whale Rider...

Maori Art

*Many art pieces were carved in things such as wood, bone, or stone.

*The Maori people used geometrical designs in weaving and in plaiting, and they painted designs on cave walls as well as tattooing.

*Maori art was always highly spiritual

*Maori art consisted of four different forms carving, tattooing, weaving, and painting.

Maori Culture and Traditions

*Maori culture includes a lot of legends about Maori gods and ancient people.

*The center of all Maori culture are the traditions of singing and dancing like the dance Haka and tunes of the Maori Waiata song were ways for all Maoris to protect and share their stories

*The Maoris brought a similar style to the Polynesian culture over with them when they arrived in New Zealand.

Maori Religion and gods

*The main god was known as Io, and the two parents, Papa and Rangi, had eight children: Whiro, the god of darkness and evil. Haumia, the god of uncultivated food; Tangaroa, the god of the sea; Rongo, the god of peace and agriculture; Tawhirimatea, the god of weather; Ruaumoko, the god of earthquakes; Tane, the father of humans and god of forests; Tu-matauenga, the war god.

*the first thing caught while hunting would be released or given back for the gods as a sign of respect.

*priests were called Tohunga and they would tell people the future often times.