5th Grade Islandwood Camp Updates

We hit the road February 3rd-6th 2014!

After a great information night back in mid-October, we are getting ready for what will be the best 5th grade field trip in recent Wildwood history! We learned that students will not be "camping," but will be staying in heated lodges with beds! Kids will sleep 4 to a room and the entire floor (or even building) will be just for boys, or just for girls. Adults will sleep in their own rooms next door. Kids will attend science school outside during the day, and will eat some of the best homemade food 3 meals every day! They will never be unattended and will have lots of time to rest, read, and play. They will return with some of the best science education, appreciation for nature, and a bond with their classmates like never before! You can trust that your child will be safe, happy, able to contact you if needed, and learning more than ever at Islandwood. We look forward to our February 3rd-6th field trip!
Signed, Ms. Koyama
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