Food for Thought

December 12th

School Improvement

Engaged to be Effective

Text Rendering

1. Students are given a piece of text to read

2. Teacher asks students to highlight a sentence, a phrase, and a word that they find significant

3. Students Round Robin in groups their sentences, phrases, and words

4. A scribe should record the phrases and the words for the group

5. Class then discusses the essence of the text

email Julie if you would like to see this modeled!

Morale Boosters

December 10-Treat Day

December 12th-Holiday Party

December 15-Cookie Exchange

"Everyday Amazings"

Third Graders participate in The Hour of Code

Third graders participated in the "Hour of Code" this week! "The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science. It was designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics." Students were encouraged to problem-solve without giving up (Mathematical Practice #1)!!

Want to check it out?

5th Graders follow in Michelangelo's Footsteps

Students in Mary Ellen Gearhart's reading class are busy simulating Michelangelo's famous painting experience of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The famous sculptor and painter lay on his back for the most of three years so these kids had to stay on their backs for 40 minutes.They learned the true meaning of stamina! These artists learned about Michelangelo as part of a novel study on the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. The setting of the book is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York where Michelangelo created masterpieces in both sculpture and paint.

4th Graders Head to Ellis Island

Click here to watch!

Fourth Graders participated in an immigration simulation. Long lines, new languages, rejection, acceptance, the works!

2nd Graders participate in a Rally

Click here to watch!

Second graders wrap up their election unit in a rally! Students made posters, presented speeches, and sang songs to convince others to vote for their fruit. After the rally, they were asked to cast their final vote!

You Rock!

  • You rock Johnny C! You brought a little bit of Puerto Rican sunshine into my life!
  • Sheri Tarr! She has gone out of her way to show me how to properly document data for yellow team. And with a smile all the while! Thanks, Sheri!
  • Rupal for having an abundance of amazing teaching strategies and always going out of her way to help! Thank you a million times over!
  • To my sixth grade team for not only being an endless fund of knowledge but also being new members of my family! Your passion for teaching is shown every single day in how you instal a love for learning in our students! Thank you for being so supportive!

  • Miguel...for all of his lightning quick responses to anything and everything!

  • Sheri Tarr rocks for being such a great leader on the Yellow Team in the fine tradition of former Yellow Team rock goddess, Molly Mahoney!

  • Annette and Debby rock for being great mentors and for always willing to answer every little itty bitty question I have. Belinda

  • Johnny. He has been a great team member and will be dearly missed. Wishing him nothing but the best.

  • Shannon- you rocked your last week as MISS Thacker! Congratulations to the new Mrs. Andersen!! Xoxo- 3rd Grade

  • Sandy Ramsland is amaaaaazing! She is always willing and ready to answer any and all questions I throw at her. I couldn't imagine my teaching life without her. Thank you Sandy Ramsland :)

  • Barbara Downs rocks for her extraordinary help and support in reading, especially for being patience and take the time to sit with me and analyze all the data collected on my Fountas and Pinnell Assessment. Excellent conversations and great projects to begin with my students!!!

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