Coastal plains

Of Texas


The Coastal Plains has lots of trees. Its hot and humid, has lakes and lots of fish for fishing. It also has grass lands, plains, forests, and lots of stuff made out of wood. Some jobs would be tree cutting since there is a great supply of trees. It is windy there, has rivers, and fertile soil so they farm there. This region has the most rain fall in all of Texas. The Coastal Plains is the largest region, has lots of oil, and natural gas. Also it is located above the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the major cities are: Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi, Brownsville and Laredo. It is humid, has tornadoes, and hurricanes and gets 30-55 inches of rain per year. The industries are: farming and ranching, oil, natural gas, fishing, logging, and tourism.

where the Coastal Plains are located

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